Senior School Newsletter

 23 July 2015, Volume 66 No. 19

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

It sometimes takes the eyes of another to bring your focus accurately on the everyday. Two of the visitors to our College for Monday’s Heyington Assembly were highly experienced educators whose role is to assess school validation under the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and review our school as part of the Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Framework.

To me, it was a regular St Kevin’s assembly. A well-sung hymn, respectful student-supported prayer, a thoughtful message laced with humour from the College Captain, academic awards presented across year levels, a musical performance of high quality which was recognised by the boys as such. There was a powerful appeal by a staff member and student about the importance of men’s role in stopping violence against women. Captains reported eloquently on recent junior and senior sports. The Deputy Headmaster made clear College expectations around issues of dress, punctuality and sportsmanship.

All this was done with precision before a well-behaved and receptive large assembly. One of our guests commenting on the culture of respect, involvement and structure he had witnessed, said it had rarely been matched in his decades as Principal and consultant. And, I thought, it had been but a regular SKC Assembly!

Reflecting as I pen this newsletter on the quality of the content, so often it is no wonder that the Headmaster feels that he is but a support act in a very talented line-up on an assembly. I did speak to our senior boys on our Catholicity and the strength, joy, support and peace that can be found in the celebration of the Eucharist. Briefly, I highlighted that our Catholicity is what inspires our social justice partnerships, moulds our personal relationships, is why we teach Religious Education from ELC to Year 12 and why Liturgy and the sacraments in particular, must be key parts of our year. I do trust families continue to support well, the Senior House Masses currently underway.

I concluded by asking boys to individually unpack the troika of statements that underpin our school as I will question them when I visit each and every class across the next few weeks. I wish to engage with boys to find out what they understand each of these statements to mean and how the statement should influence St Kevin’s life today and their lives as Old Collegians. Big questions, but well worth the asking, I would venture.

The SKC Troika

  • Omnia Pro Deo
  • St Kevin’s values learning, family and fullness of life
  • Our EREA Touchstones: Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community, Justice and Solidarity
Headmaster's Study Awards
Year 7
Mason Fodera 
    Huey Truong 
Year 8
Josh Collins
Samuel Duff
Year 11
Michael Burgess
    Martin Dowman
    Arran McLean
    Luke Murdoch
Kind regards

Stephen F Russell
St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Crowd behaviour

Crowds can have a mind of their own. Sometimes that means they are mindless. Quiet people can make a noisy crowd, careful people can make a careless one, good people can even make a bad crowd. A community is made of strong individuals who share a vision; a mob is made of weak people who are blind. From time to time we have to remind our boys of the difference.

Last Saturday, I found myself in a crowd of over 80,000. My son, Jacob, was celebrating his tenth birthday, the milestone of reaching double digits. I hope he is still as full of banter when he reaches triple digits, even if by that stage his father may have joined the boisterous crowd in heaven. To mark the occasion, he took three friends to see Real Madrid play A S Roma in soccer at the MCG. We were going to see players billed as among the best in the world.

There was a delightful build-up, especially among the Italian supporters. But within ten minutes of the kick off, the point of the whole exercise had become unclear. None of the players seemed to be trying very hard. Perhaps the challenge for them was to play 90 minutes of football without raising a sweat and needing a shower afterwards. Before long, I realised we weren’t watching a game but some kind of business manoeuvre. The players are paid a king’s ransom. For some reason I started thinking about the aged-care workers whom our Year Ten boys encounter on Community Service. They deal with dementia, incontinence, confused emotions and struggling relatives on a daily basis, usually with a smile or a joke at the ready. The money that Cristiano Ronaldo is paid every single day, whether or not he plays, would employ two of those workers full time for a year. His annual wages would cover almost 700 such positions. And yes, aged care workers do some extraordinary footwork. It is interesting to think about what the world values. At this level, we discovered, success in soccer requires serious hairdressing.

The crowd at the MCG read the situation perfectly. They knew they were being poorly used. Before long, a flurry of paper planes started heading out of the stands and towards the pitch. These created a lot more excitement than the game. Possibly members of the crowd had seen Robert Connolly’s tender movie, Paper Planes, which extols the value of creating something ‘beautiful and surprising’ rather than winning at all costs. One of the benefits of patrons having to print their own tickets at home is that people arrive with a good supply of A4 paper. Throughout the second half, more and more interest went into the flight of the planes. Eventually, as the game reached a dreary nil-all draw, one of them made it to the sideline. The stand erupted. Ronaldo and Totti and all the others had been totally upstaged by a piece of paper.

The following day, a much smaller crowd gathered to watch Jacob’s U10 game at Oakleigh. Here, at last, was some real spirit. Two young teams played their hearts out. Their parents laughed and clapped to see them having such obvious pleasure. These were teams that deserved the title ‘real.’ It just goes to show. Crowds want more than hype.

Last Sunday, we heard at Mass a story about Jesus’ relationship with the crowd (Mark 6:30-34). Large numbers followed him to a lonely place, just when he wanted a break with his closest friends. The story comes at a poignant moment in Mark’s Gospel, immediately after Herod arranged to have John the Baptist beheaded so he could turn the head of an attractive woman. Herod could stand for every tyrant in history. He is driven by a need for flattery, public opinion and control. He is prepared to resort to whatever it takes. It is no coincidence that John’s head is served on a dish because the story that follows is the mirror image in every respect. Jesus takes pity on the crowd; Herod wants to manipulate it. Jesus knows that the crowd lacks direction; Herod is only concerned about his own direction. Jesus teaches the crowd; Herod bullies the crowd. Finally, Jesus will feed the crowd and, in so doing, get them to sit in groups on the grass. He turns faceless people into a community. No-one threw any planes.   
Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith and Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Year 9 students commenced the RICE Program, travelling to one of nine locations throughout Australia.
  • Mr Nott and Kenny students assisted with the serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Purton celebrated the House mass.
  • School Improvement Framework visits commenced.
  • Rowing Association met.
  • Year 7 and 8 English Curriculum Development meeting was held.
  • Rahill House Mass was celebrated.
  • Author Morris Gleitzman spoke to Year 5 and 6 students.
  • Students from Meguro Gakuen High School in Tokyo visited.
  • Members of the Vitae program addressed the College Assembly on the “Break the Silence” campaign and a panel of health crisis experts presented to students on emergency responses in domestic violence.
  • Year 10 students commenced Community Service for Semester 2.
  • Mr Moeller and Cusack students assisted with tutoring at the Edmund Rice Refugee Centre in St Albans.
  • Year 7 students participated in a debating competition.
  • Year 2 and 4 “Wonder of Living” Program took place at Glendalough.
  • Staff attended the EREA Galilee Program.
  • Heyington Winter Sports Photographs were taken.
  • McCarthy House Mass and Supper took place.
  • Rehearsals for “Beauty and the Beast” were held at Glendalough.
  • Mr Julian Burnside addressed the Year 12 cohort as part of the Guest Speakers’ Program.
  • Friday morning Eucharist was celebrated in the Chapel of St Kevin.
  • Year 10 Dancing Classes commenced with Sacre Coeur and Korowa students.
  • Rahill House held a fundraising BBQ for Y House.
  • Kearney boys and Ms Ritchie participated in the St Ignatius Refugee Tutoring Program in Richmond.
  • Mr Hale and Purton students assisted at the community group PACSEL in Richmond.
  • Rahill students with Mr Odachowski contributed to the Fitzroy Refugee Tutoring Program.
  • Staff attended professional development in History and at the Victorian Institute of Teaching.
  • Combined Parents' Association Cocktail Party was held.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Shaun De Monte
Year 7

For setting an example for his peers in his  commitment to his academic studies. 

James McBurnie
Year 8

For his application and role modelling during Middle School Study sessions.

Dominic Dinh
Year 9

For persistence when learning new skills required for the success of his RICE Camp experience.

Elliot Turner
 For his positive approach to all aspects of College life.

Ronald Snell

For the enthusiastic way he has approached his studies this semester.  

Sam Milne

   For outstanding contribution to his Community Service placement last semester.

Jack Bell
For his commitment to 'fullness of life' at the College.
Patrick Quinlan

 For his selfless support and encouragement of a new student in his co-curricular activity.  

Nicholas Zavattiero
For his musical contribution to the House Mass.

Calendar Dates


Friday 24 Year 9 RICE Program
Year 10 Dancing Class                 

Saturday 25 APS Sport
Year 9 RICE Program
Glendalough Concert Band/Strings Workshop
SKOCA Western District Lunch
Combined Parents' Association Cocktail Party

1.00 pm
7.00 pm

McMahon Music Centre
Park Hyatt, Melbourne

Sunday 26
Year 9 RICE Program
Monday 27 Year 9 Rice Program

Tuesday 28
Years 10 - 12 Careers Evening
Year 9 RICE Program 


Wednesday 29 Year 9 RICE Program
Parent Enrichment Program

7.45 pm                       


Thursday 30
Year 9 RICE Program
Australian Mathematics Competition
Years 5 & 6 Wonder of Living Program
Years 10 - 12 Kearney House Mass

7.00 pm
7.45 pm                       

Boyd Egan Hall
Chapel of St Kevin    
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.

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Parent Enrichment Program

Wednesday, 29 July
7.30 pm for 7.45 pm
The College Pavilion

Our choices, their choices:

Teenagers, alcohol, drugs, parties and other parenting challenges.

Alcohol is deeply embedded in our culture. How do we help teenagers cope with this and make constructive choices? What does the law say? How can we have confidence in ourselves as parents? What does it mean to be a wise parent? Where and how do we set new boundaries?

Vanessa Bate has spent many years in the youth field both prior to and during her 12 years as a serving member of Victoria Police. She is extremely experienced in this area. Her presentation will provide valuable information. It will also encourage us to understand that the challenges parents face are real and yet possible.
I'm really looking forward to this session’, says Vanessa. ‘I'm hoping it will be very effective in empowering the audience to understand and manage their role as parents.’
All adults are most welcome.

An RSVP is appreciated to help with planning but not essential. Please reply to either Michael McGirr ( or Sue O'Shea (
 Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith and Mission

Cross Country Presentation Evening

St. Kevin's Cross Country team extends a warm invite to all athletes and their families to attend the season ending Presentation Evening. This is a wonderful celebration of our boys' enjoyment in the sport.
Date: Sunday, 2 August
Venue: College Pavilion (Heyington)
5.00 pm for a 5.30 pm start

The booking procedure will be through Trybooking, please follow the link above to purchase your tickets. All athletes are invited to attend with their parents. Check the Cross Country portal page for further details.
 Mr Brosie McCann
TIC Cross Country

Hockey Presentation Night

Tuesday, 4 August
Smith Hall
7.00 pm for 7.30 pm
$30 per ticket
To be made online at prior to Friday, 31 July

Students to wear full winter uniform. BYO Glasses and drinks for adults.

Please click here to view a flyer for the event 
 Mr Ashley Foley
TIC Hockey

Basketball Presentation Evening

Date: Thursday, 6 August
Time: 6.45 pm for 7.00 pm start
Venue: Smith Hall          
Always a wonderful event, this year we are privileged to have the legendary Lindsay Gaze as guest speaker at the Presentation Evening. For catering purposes, bookings now close at 10.00 pm Sunday, 2 August. No late bookings can be accepted.

Parents please bring pre-dinner drinks (including glasses) and snacks. Boys are to wear full winter uniform.

Please click here to download a flyer for the evening.
 Mrs Sue O'Shea
Secretary, Basketball


Soccer Presentation Evening

St Kevin's Soccer Association extends a warm invitation to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Soccer Presentation Evening.

Saturday, 8 August 2015
KC Smith Hall
6.00 pm for 6.30 pm
To be made at or contact Jenny Davrain at

This is a wonderful celebration of our boys' enjoyment of the game. Seating is limited so please be sure to book early.  Please don't miss out, mark it in your diaries now!

Please click here to view a flyer for the evening.

Photo Competition 2015

We have two more rounds to capture the action on the field.  We require selfies, team shots and action shots for selection into our Photo Competition and also for our photo slideshow to be played on Presentation Night.  It’s easy to upload the photos into a specially created user friendly Drop Event. Here’s how:

  • Send via email to Please put the Year level, team and your name in the subject line, ie. Year 8B by John Smith
  • Photographs can also be uploaded to the website.  Please access Please upload photos to the applicable Year level folder and name the photo file as above (eg. Year 8B by John Smith)
Should you wish to view photos, please access the above website and fill in the password SKC.

If you have any queries please contact Hilary Williams on
 Mr Nick Hale
TIC Soccer

St Kevin's College Foundation

Foundation Business Breakfast - SOLD OUT

We wish to advise that St Kevin's College Foundation inaugural Business Breakfast is now sold out. Thank you to all those who have purchased tickets to what will surely be a fantastic morning.
 Mr Kevin Cullliver OAM
Secretary, Foundation


Rugby Presentation Night

Friday, 14 August
Smith Hall

This is an evening College event that includes a meal. All players are expected to attend and in full winter uniform. We hope as many of the family can attend as well. Parents and families will sit separately from the boys. Sports Awards are presented on the night.

VSRU Grand Final Day

Saturday, 8 August
Marcellin College, Bulleen Road, Bulleen

  • 1st XV, 2nd XV and U15 rugby teams will be playing.
  • The U15s are only playing as it is a round that is needed to complete the ladder.
  • Teams from every school play at the one venue for 1st XV, 2nd XV and U15.
  • Teams play off for a ladder placing from 8th to 1st (as applicable) in 1st XV and 2nd XV
  • All U13/ U14 and U16 boys are asked to attend to support.
  • Timings of matches depend on ladder places after August 1st.
 Mr Kevin Culliver OAM
TIC Rugby

Football Presentation Night

Saturday, 15 August
6.30 pm
Smith Hall
Adults: $36, Students: $26
Meal included.
 Mr John Hart
TIC Football

Glendalough Mothers' Association

Tickets on sale now!

Organise your spring outfit and dust off your hat and join us for this fabulous biennial event.

Your ticket includes a two course lunch, drinks and entertainment.  There is the option to purchase Mumm Champagne at our Champagne Bar and there is a wonderful array of silent auction items to bid on.

The day is one not to be missed.  To avoid disappointment please purchase your ticket or table of 10 at

Raffle Tickets

If you can’t attend the event and would like to be in the running for the chance to win one of the wonderful raffle prizes you can purchase tickets by visiting

1st Prize

7 nights’ accommodation Mantra Bel Air Broadbeach, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Sub Penthouse, kindly donated by the Terzini family. PLUS 2 x Melbourne – Gold Coast fully flexible flights (subject to availability), kindly donated by Travel Design International. Some exclusion dates apply to the accommodation. Valued at $3,500.

2nd Prize

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB, kindly donated by JB HI-FI. Valued at $1,000. 

3rd Prize

1 nights’ accommodation at The Westin, Melbourne. Superior Room, parking and breakfast, kindly donated by The Westin and Guzzardi family. PLUS 2 tickets to a show at a Marriner Theatre, kindly donated by Marriner Group. Valued at $780. 
The Spring Prelude Ladies Luncheon Committee would like to thank the kind sponsorships and donations by retailers, companies and the College community.

Terzini Family, Savi Communications.

Amora Hotel, Cadbury, 818 Dental, Geelong Football Club (Costa Leng Family and Marketing Department), Gingerlilly, Jellis Craig Real Estate, JB Hi-Fi, Mini Party People, Travel Design International, Whitbread Insurance.

Avoca Hill Bookshop (Hepburn Family), Apartments at Docklands (Thorn Family), Basile Imports, Blush Enterprises, Betty McDowell, Brand Developers (Nankervis Family), Crown Resorts, Claydon Family, Charalambous Family, Durance Armadale, Eternal Weddings, Guzzardi Family, Gunson Family, House, Love Fairley, Matruglio Family, OPSM, Rose Street Trading, Sage Candles by Sarah & Camilla Kaufman, State of Escape, The Joy Solution, Winnett Specialist Group, Wine Lover.

Friends of St Kevin’s College
Cidoni family, Jaquelyn Muller Children’s Book, Robert’s Confectionary, Williams family, Youssef family.


It is only five weeks until the Zimele Celebration Dinner and tickets are selling fast! Thank you to all of those who have booked. Should you still need to book tickets, please head to

We are still looking for donated items for the Silent Auction and Live Auction. All donations will be very gratefully received! If you are able to help, please contact Kath McCarthy ( and Celia Conlan ( Thank you to those who have already contacted us.

For those who would like some more information on the wonderful work of Zimele, please go to

If perhaps you would like to consider sponsorship, please email Dan Mount ( and Jess Mount (

For all general enquiries, please contact Cath on 0438 900 565 or email directly

We look forward to seeing you next month!

 Mrs Cath O'Malley
On behalf of the Zimele Dinner Committee

Year Level Parent Function

Year 7

Coffee Morning

Monday, 27 July
Sissi & Co
1290 Malvern Road, Malvern. Phone: 9822 8268
(inside the cafe area allocated on the left hand side of the venue).
9.00 am onwards
Add a reminder in your diary, no need to RSVP
9.00 am onwards
Jacqui Burke
0421 757 360

Year 8

We hope you enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating winter break and are now ready to take on another term.

There are a number of events this term that we would like to bring your attention to:

  • The Year 8 coffee morning will be held on Friday, 31 July at Sissi & Co (1290 Malvern Road, Malvern). We have had some lovely catch-ups so far this year at our coffee mornings and hope to enjoy another one this term. (Please note the change of venue to Sissi & Co)
  • The St Kevin’s Spring Prelude Ladies Luncheon will be held at Leonda by the Yarra this year on Wednesday, 19 August. The ladies luncheon is a lovely opportunity to share an afternoon with old friends or a great chance to cement new friendships. We would love to see as many Year 8 mums there as possible. If you can organise a group please put together a table of 10 or alternatively please just nominate Year 8 in the notes when completing your Trybooking form (
If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact one of the Class Reps:
  • Sabrina Davies 0408 519 664 
  • Georgina Hawthorne 0419 376 477
  • Lou Bilston 0416 077 157 
  • Nicole Avery 0409 015 170

Year 10

Coffee Morning

Friday, 7 August
Raven Hill Cafe, corner of High Street and Albion Road, Ashburton
(ample parking behind the cafe)
From 9.00 am
Caroline Leng
0412 894 211

Year 11

Drinks & Supper

We warmly invite all Year 11 parents to attend one of the few events in the year we can gather as a year level. 

Friday, 21 August
Emerald Hotel, 415 Clarendon St, South Melbourne 
From 7.30 pm
$34 per person - includes superb finger food and complimentary drink on arrival
Bookings close at 8.00 pm on Tuesday 18 August
Cassandra Barnett
0409 520 263

St Kevin's Athletics Club

Recreational running/walking coaching for mums and dads

Run by SKAAC Commonwealth Games Decathlete Steve Cain, this coaching program is for mums and dads of all abilities. All you need is the desire to improve! Coaching will include technique correction and minimising injury issues. Training takes place at the Botanical Gardens track (meeting on the corner of Domain Road and Anderson Street, South Yarra) at 9:15 each Monday & Friday mornings.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes. Starting on Monday 13 July and running until Friday 18 September.

Please register via Trybooking: Please find the cost below:

  • One day per week for 8 weeks, total cost is $120.
  • Two days per week for 8 weeks, total cost is $190.
  • Casual rate, paid on the day is $20 per session.
Should you have any queries, please contact Peter McGarry on 0458 083 992.
 Mr Peter McGarry
President, St Kevin's Athletics Club

Japanese Student/Teacher visiting SKC

Host Families Needed

From Monday 31 August to Friday 18 September, St Kevin's College is hosting a student teacher from Aichi University of Education, Japan. The student teacher will work as a teacher assistant to classroom teachers. The goals are for the student teacher to experience a different educational environment, deepen intercultural ties and forge friendships, as well as become more independent and learn to live and operate on a day-to-day basis in English.

We are looking for host families. It is hoped that the student teacher will homestay with a school family that resides close to the school. $35.00 will be paid to the host family, per night, which is expected to cover two meals per weekday and 3 meals per Saturday/Sunday. Please contact the school office as soon as possible if you are able to assist. 


Co-curricular Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view last weekend's APS Sport Results

Please click here to view this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Interschool Snowsports Championship

Can you ski or snowboard? Would you like to try racing? Get involved!

Students are invited to attend the Interschool Snowsports Championships to be held at Mount Buller on the following dates:

Cross Country:
9 August
Primary School Competitions:
24- 26 August
Secondary School Competitions:
26- 30 August

Competence in skiiing or snowboarding is necessary however racing experience is not.

For more information, please contact Kylie Williams at Please click here to download the flyer.  


All Year 10, 11 and 12 parents were emailed letters from the Careers Department in Week 1, Term 3, outlining the forthcoming Careers events and the program for students during Term 3. Thank you to the remaining Year 10 families who have taken the opportunity to make Careers Appointments in these first three weeks of term allowing us to have prepared nearly all Year 10 students for VCE subject selection next month. The Online Booking System opens for Year 12s from Monday, 27 July. Appointments should be made for 3 August onwards as this is when the online VTAC Tertiary Application system opens.

Final planning for the SKC Careers Expo is under way and we are hoping all Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents take advantage of the opportunity to be in the Smith Hall between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on Tuesday 28 July to collect information, ask questions of the tertiary and pathway organisation representatives and, most of all, research potential pathways. This event is a perfect precursor for the Tertiary Open Days which commence on Sunday, 2 August.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • Forthcoming Open Days
  • How to get the most out of Open Days
  • Scholarships for Year 12 Students in 2016
  • News From La Trobe: Aspire – Early Admissions Program; Hallmark Program
  • ACU Early Achievers’ Program
  • Useful Websites
  • Year 10 Students Tertiary Entry 2018
  • Career Pathways in Civil Engineering
  • Nursing and Midwifery Information Sessions at Deakin
  • News From Monash University: ‘At Monash Seminar Series’ 2015; Statistics; What is the Monash Guarantee? Future Burger; Berwick Campus; Sports Scholarships; New Double Degrees in Design at Caulfield; Nutrition and Dietetics; DoTS and DoHE; Business Open House
  • Experience the Outdoors
  • What are Apprenticeships and Traineeships?
  • Want to Join the Air Force Cadets?
  • News from Box Hill Institute: Courses offered at the City Campus; Creative Arts
  • Information Sessions
Please see the Career News for more details. 
Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs Pingiaro & Mrs White
The Careers Department


Victorian School Music Festival Performances

During Term 3, a number of College ensembles will be participating in the Victorian School Music Festival. Performances as part of this festival are open to the public and admission is free. Specific information on each festival performance is available on each ensemble portal page.
Here is a summary of festival performances:

Tuesday 28 July
Middle School Concert Band  10.00am Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Friday 7 August
Glendalough Concert Band  4.30pm Geelong GS 
Wednesday 19 August
Senior Concert Band  7.00pm Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Tuesday 25 August
Intermediate Concert Band  1.15pm Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Wednesday 26 August
Big Band  8.15pm The Australian Institute of Music 
Thursday 27 August
Big Bands 3 and 4  9.30am The Australian Institute of Music 
Thursday 27 August Big Band 2  7.45pm The Australian Institute of Music 

Choral and Vocal Evening

A concert featuring the Senior Choir, Senior Vocal Ensemble, Glendalough Choir, as well as solo voice students, will be held on Tuesday, 4 August in Boyd Egan Hall, from 7.30 to 9.00 pm. This will be the last such concert for our Year 12 boys, a number of whom have been singing in the Choral program since Year 3.

Strings Evening

A concert featuring all of the College String ensembles is being held in Boyd Egan Hall at 7.30pm on Monday, 10 August .The concert will include the Celtic Ensemble, Junior Strings, Year 6 String Ensemble, Glendalough Strings, Middle School Strings, Latin Strings, Cello Ensemble, Chamber Strings and will conclude with the Symphony Orchestra.

Concert Band Showcase Concert

A concert featuring all of the College concert bands is being held in Smith Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 11 August. The concert will include the Junior Concert Band, Glendalough Concert Band, Middle School Concert Band, Intermediate Concert Band and will conclude with the Senior Concert Band.

Term 3 Music Dates

Saturday 25 July
Glendalough Junior Concert Band/Junior Strings Workshop
McMahon Music Centre & Boyd Egan Hall
Tuesday 28 July
Middle School Concert Band to VSMF
10.00am Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Tuesday 4 August
Choral and Vocal Evening
7.30pm Boyd Egan Hall
Friday 7 August
Glendalough Concert Band to VSMF 4.30pm Geelong Grammar School
Monday 10 August
Strings Evening 7.30pm Boyd Egan Hall
Tuesday 11 August
Bands Showcase 7.30pm Smith Hall
Wednesday 19 August
Senior Concert Band to VSMF 7.00pm Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Tuesday 25 August
Intermediate Concert Band to VSMF 1.15pm Hawthorn Arts Centre 
Tue-Fri 25-28 August
Senior Musical
Wednesday 26 August
Big Band 1 to VSMF
8.15pm The Australian Institute of Music
Thursday 27 August
Big Bands 3 and 4 to VSMF 9.30am The Australian Institute of Music
Thursday 27 August 
Big Band 2 to VSMF 7.45pm The Australian Institute of Music
Wed-Thur 2-3 September
Glendalough Musical   
Monday 7 September   
VCE Music Recital
6.00pm LMH
Friday 11 September
Solo Concert   
Saturday 12 September
Concerto Soloists Newman College Chapel 
Monday 14 September
Music Association AGM   
Tuesday 15 September
Solo Concert   

Music Office - C305

Mrs Beth Little can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Cathedral Choir

Last Sunday

Congratulations to our Choristers on reaching a new level of technical proficiency last Sunday with their confident and polished delivery of Edmund Rubbra’s extremely difficult “Missa in honorem Sancti Dominici”, not to mention their beautiful singing of the Offertory motet.

Choral & Vocal Concert

It was recently decided that the Cathedral Choir will sing in its own right at the St Kevin’s Choral & Vocal Concert to be held on Tuesday, 4 August at 7.30 pm in Boyd Egan Hall. In fact, many of the boys are already members of the Glendalough Choir or Senior Choir which will also perform on this evening, and are therefore aware of this commitment. Those for whom this date is an addition to the calendar are the Years 7 & 8 Trebles and the Year 9 Altos. The concert is a free event and we encourage as many family and friends to attend as possible. It will be an excellent opportunity to hear the Cathedral Choir close up, in a more intimate venue than usual.
 Dr Daryl Barclay
Director Cathedral Choir
Head of Choral Music

Swap Shop 

The next Swap Shop will be held on Thursday, 17 September from 3.00pm - 5.00pm at the Waterford Campus, Darlington Parade, Richmond.

We are always looking for uniform items to sell, so if any families have uniforms that they no longer require then please send them to us. Please click on the following page to see all the requirements - (click here)

Please contact Christine Quirk on 0403 338 765 if you require any further information.

Mrs Christine Quirk
Swap Shop Co-ordinator
If you are not a current parent and no longer require your subscription to this Newsletter please 'unsubscribe'with the link provided at the bottom of the front page.