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  21 June 2018, Volume 69 No. 18

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents,

The Centenary Ball was a wonderful event. Three full ballrooms, separate dance floor and conversation spaces aplenty, combined to make the night so successful. It was literally impossible to see, let alone chat, with everyone you knew, but you could sense the atmosphere of gratitude, celebration and community. Ms Canny, Mr Daly and I read the grace, written by Michael McGirr, in each ballroom and we three then had the joy of proposing a toast to the College in another of the ballrooms. My colleagues spoke superbly, and my adequate effort still ensured a very hearty response from our gathered families, friends and old collegians.

There are many to thank: the Committee that road-tested the original concepts; the Associations that co-sponsored, with the College, elements of the night; the St Kevin’s staff who worked on ticketing and arrangements leading up to and on the evening. I do wish to single out for personal thanks from me and all who attended, Mrs Pauline Ryan for her hard work, imagination and attention to detail, that allowed us to all enjoy this key event in our centenary year.

At Heyington Assembly, I shared with the boys their need to thank people, in writing, by phone or in person, when they recognise mentally, they are grateful for someone’s kindness or guidance in their lives. On that note, Kate and I would like to thank the many people who have offered congratulations on the arrival of our first grandchild, William Francis Russell. Will, Jess and James are home and well.

We wish safe travels to our cricketers who head to Sri Lanka these holidays and our basketballers who play in an EREA Tournament in Queensland.

Read reports carefully across the break and do ask your son(s) to commit to specific plans for next semester, based on the reports.

Congratulations to our Clarinet ensembles who competed in the CLASAX (Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Victoria) Ensemble Competition. Ms Grania Burke and the boys prepared so well, that the Glendalough Ensemble placed Second, the Intermediate Ensemble (Years 7 - 9) placed First and the Senior Ensemble was Second. Timothy O’Malley (Year 12) has been selected as one of eight finalists in the National Fanfare Competition. The Centenary Concert on Monday 3 September in Hamer Hall will be amazing!

Do enjoy time together across the mid-year break.

Headmaster's Study Awards:

Year 12 Accounting


Visual Communication Design
Nathan Shannan

Taylor Connell
Jack Di Stefano
Ethan Dossetor
Kirolus Labib
Timothy O'Malley
Alexander Oswald
Joshua Park
Anthony Salib
Zachariah Sheridan
Jordan Weatherall

Benjamin Beagley

Year 11 Accounting Matthew Hart
Michael Simkiss
Christian Woolrich
Year 9 Science Davis Alexander
Ryan King
Year 8 Mathematics Ethan Cheung
Year 7 Science William Noonan

Kind regards,

Stephen Russell

St Kevin's College will develop an awareness that the St Kevin’s College family forms part of the global Edmund Rice family.
(from the Mission Statement)

Faith and Mission

Other people’s shoes

One of our Year ten students, Tom, has been helping at a Vinnies store for Community Service on Wednesday afternoons. Last week, a woman arrived at the counter. Earlier that day, she had been released from prison after seven months incarceration. The first thing she wanted to do was to get rid of the runners that had been issued to her in jail. The next thing was to get some decent footwear for herself. Tom helped her find a pair of boots. Then she wanted to buy things for all her children and grandchildren whom she had missed. Tom soon realised this was actually the most important thing for her. Relationships had kept her going. It was terrific that Tom was able to witness this moment in someone’s life. One of the themes that keeps emerging for our students in various forms of outreach is the generosity of those who have had a tough time.

On the recent Year Ten Religious education examination, the boys were asked to write about Community Service and reflect upon the words of Pope Francis: ‘We must restore hope to young people, help the old. Be open to the future. Be poor among the poor. We need to include the excluded and preach peace.’ Marking exams can be tedious. But this was not the case reading the responses to these words. Here are just a few fairly random snippets from the replies:

  • B. is a lady who lives in the facility. She is always happy. When the piano was playing, she got up and began to dance with me. Eventually, most of the residents were up with us. I volunteer there now. I do this not to be congratulated but so that B. will continue to smile.
  • We try to get as many people as possible to come and watch the movie or play scrabble with us. One time, a man named Andre didn’t want to watch the movie because he thought it would be boring. So we sat with him for five minutes persuading him to come to the movie with us. When the movie ended, I asked him if he liked it. He said to me with the biggest smile on his face, ‘buddy, I loved it.’
  • A boy named L. is always upset each week. He slowly improves over the two hours but you never see the true joy and happiness in his life until his dad turns up. The reaction when they embrace each other is very emotional from both sides and it shows how much they rely on each other for happiness. Once I arrive to find him a little sad, I tell him that his dad will be here soon enough. I think this gives him the last bit of strength to finish the day.
  • M. tells me about her time as an accountant. O. offers me a perspective of a life of struggle during the Great Depression. She calls me her ‘bundle of joy.’ I plane to visit them following the Community Service program.
  • Zigor, or now nicknamed Ziggy, is a polish man who has forgotten how to speak English. I make sure I always reply with a smile on my face even if I don’t understand him.
  • The biggest thing that happened was when I saw a boy called A. who has autism being bullied by older children. I took the older kids to the side and spoke to them about peace. The next time I went I saw them having a laugh together with A.
  • A man named Gill and I would often talk about the football and what it was like when he played back in the 1940s.
  • There was a young boy called J. Each lesson, J would throw a tantrum because he lost a game in PE or he would accuse someone of cheating or kicking him. He would run away to a different spot in the yard. Even though J. was upset, we would help calm him down and get him back on his feet to join in the sporting activity again.
  • When I converse with a resident called T. we have heartfelt discussions and share things we love and we also show an interest in each other’s lives. He educates me about historical facts and I educate him on current affairs. It is not just a service I am providing. I am gaining from it.
  • There was a time when I had to hold a cup of tea for a man named E. and afterwards take him back to his room. If they have memory loss, we are to remind them about the right and wrong things to do. I had to remind B, for example, that it is rude to swear.
  • It was nice to put away the device and interact with people who have many stories and events to share with us. One such person, G., was a war veteran ‘in his younger days.’
  • After witnessing the whole-hearted and kind approach of the manager, Darren, to the residents, I was inspired to do the same…Allowing them to share their life-stories is both enjoyable for them and enriching for me. J. was a pilot and Joy owned a bakery in Richmond, close to where I live. I can learn from every person at the placement.
  • I am always kind to the children especially a young girl called Q. She admittedly can become irritating after a while but I always make sure I am kind to her. Whenever a kid is excluded from a game, I always find them and invite them to play. One boy has trouble compromising so it’s difficult. But he always plays after I invite him.

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Fullness of Life

  • Kenny students with Ms Pagliaro assisted with the preparation and serving of breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome.
  • Year 10 students and staff from Kenny, Kearney and Cusack participated in their retreats across Melbourne.
  • The Zimele Immersion Information Evening was held.
  • McCarthy students with Ms Burns assisted with the serving of dinner at St Peter and Paul’s in South Melbourne.
  • Guitar, Percussion and Piano Concerts were held.
  • Parents attended the Year 8 Camp Information Evening and the Year 9 RICE Program Information Evening.
  • Waterford students had an Outprac Day.
  • The Careers Department hosted a speaker from Ernst and Young.
  • Confirmation candidates from Waterford participated in Reconciliation with Fr Ferruccio.
  • Glendalough students competed in the Regional Cross Country Championships.
  • The Big Bands had a recording session for the Centenary Concert.
  • Year 10 students continued Community Service.
  • Year 12 students attended an Interview Techniques Seminar.
  • The Waterford Winter Sports Photographs were taken.
  • Cusack students and Mr Butcher assisted with the Breakfast and Sports Program at Trinity Primary School in Richmond.
  • The Glendalough Parent Teacher Interviews were held.
  • The College Board met.
  • Friday Morning Mass was held in the Chapel of St Kevin.
  • Mr Paul Roberts was the Year 12 Guest Speaker.
  • The GAP Tutors Angus Muir, Tom Hawthorn and Will Civil were farewelled and thanked for their work at St Kevin’s over the past year.
  • House Singing was conducted at Glendalough.
  • Students participated in the DAV and Legacy Public Speaking Competitions.
  • The Headmaster presented Academic Excellence and Outstanding Effort Awards at Glendalough.
  • The Year 7 students celebrated the end of term and their superb fundraising for Edmund Rice Camps in Victoria, the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School, the St Vincent de Paul Society, and the Edmund Rice Schools in Tanzania and Kenya, by having an afternoon at the Tooronga Sports Fields.
  • The Staff Association held a function.
  • The State Rostrum Final was held at St Kevin’s.
  • Final preparations were made for the Sri Lanka Cricket Tour and the EREA Basketball Tournament in Brisbane.
  • Staff completed Professional Development in Counselling for Trauma, Coaching Skills and VCE Japanese.

Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration


    Student Awards    

Oliver Williams
Year 7
For his obvious commitment displayed toward the College co-curricular program

Patrick Millington
Year 8
For his positive attitude while fulfilling the role as Tutor Group Leader during Term 2

Will Bancovich
Year 9
For his dedication to umpiring in the Sion Cup competition

Marco Polidori
For his preparedness and significant contributions to House spirit

Adam Kounas
For his enthusiasm and wholehearted participation at Community Service

Benjamin Griffin
For his excellent contribution to the recent Year 10 Retreat Day

Max Lourey
For his perseverance in the face of adversity

Samuel Pirola
For his excellent approach and attitude toward Year 10 Retreat

Daniel Ferraro
For his improved application to his studies across the semester
    Staff Award
Shahzad Nusrat
For his intelligent and dedicated approach to his role at St Kevin's

Calendar Dates


Friday 22
Term 2 ends

Saturday 23


Sunday 24
Rostrum Final SKC

Monday 16
Term 3 begins
Year 9 RICE program preparation
Soccer Association meeting


Brandon Room

Tuesday 17
Year 9 RICE program preparation
Years 10 - 12 McCarthy House Mass


Chapel and Brandon Room

Wednesday 18
Year 9 RICE program preparation
Parent Enrichment Program - Mr Paul Dillon
Friends of Art results night


Brandon Room

Thursday 19
Year 9 RICE program preparation
Year 10 Dancing Class

Smith Hall
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

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Semester 1 Reports

Years 7-12 Semester 1 Reports will be available from Monday 25 June via the College Portal.

Please go to

You must use your Portal Parent Login Name (which is your 5 digit school ID number) and password to access your son’s report. If you do not have your login, please contact Reception on 9822 0911.

Please note, Reception is not able to provide you with your password, should you no longer have it, please go to the Portal homepage and click on "Parents, retrieve your password here". This will reset your password.

To access these reports, please select the Academic Reports button under your son’s name on the right hand side of the home screen. His current report and previous reports, if applicable, should be visible. You may open or save these documents.
 Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) On School Students with Disability

What is the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data?

Schools must now complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) every year. It counts the number of students who receive additional adjustments or help at school because of a disability. The NCCD helps governments plan for the needs of students with disability.

For further information, please download the information sheet here.

Ms Kelly Gallivan
Head of Educational Support

Ordering Student Photographs

Individual Student, Tutor Group and House Photographs were taken at both Heyington and Waterford. To place online orders for these photographs:

2. Select School Photos then Portrait Packs

3. Enter the shoot key N9YBPTEM

4. Enter your order details and then click 'Cart' to pay


Japanese Cultural Day

On 15 June 2018, the students of Japanese at Waterford were given an opportunity to experience the traditional martial arts of Kendo and Kyudo, see and hear the ancient musical instrument koto being played and try their hand at Japanese calligraphy using traditional brushes and ink.

The morning was a huge success. Boys made the following comments when asked about the event:

Oliver H: “The cultural morning was a great experience for the whole Japanese cohort. We enjoyed practising calligraphy and learning about different aspects Japanese traditional life, including Kendo, Kyudo and Koto. It was an amazing morning that we all enjoyed immensely.”

Micah Z: “The cultural experience was very well thought out and worked well. It tells us about the culture the Japanese have, learning how Kyudo, Kendo, Koto and calligraphy are done was a good insight into the Japanese way of living. Combined with making sushi and having miso soup made my understanding of Japanese life better.”  


Basketball Clinic 

For those SKC boys keen to improve their basketball skills before the start of Term 3, we are running the SKC Basketball Holiday Clinic. Open to current players and beginners, this clinic caters for all skill levels. The program runs for two half days at the end of the holidays.
When:  Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July 2018
Where: Wilding Centre, Heyington 


Group 1 - Years 5 and 6

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July - 9am to 12.00pm

To book:

 Group 2 - Years 7 and 8

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th July - 1pm to 4.00pm

To book:

Bring:  Water bottle and suitable clothing (preferably reversible singlet or light and dark shirts). 
Cost:  $30/day OR $50 for the two days.  
Flyer: Please click here to download flyer with more information  
 Ms Rina Di Pietrantonio
Secretary of the Basketball Association

Parent Enrichment on 19 July 

All adults in the St Kevin's Community are warmly welcome to a presentation by leading educator, Paul Dillon.

Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs: What are the facts? Helping our young make the right choice under pressure.

Paul Dillon has worked in the drug education field for 25 years. Through his own company Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA), he has been contracted to provide information on a range of drug issues to many different audiences. For the past 13 years he has worked as the Information Manager at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. In February 2009 his book  Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs was released by Allen and Unwin. 

Paul will be speaking to both students and staff at St Kevin’s.

An RSVP would be most appreciated. Please contact either Michael McGirr ( or Lindy Bufardeci (

Date: Thursday 19 July
Time: 7.45pm - 9pm (coffee from 7.30pm)
Place: The College Pavilion

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith

Save The Date - Soccer Presentation Night

St Kevin’s Soccer Association would like to ask all SKC soccer players, family and friends to please save the date for the annual Soccer Presentation Evening to be held early in Term 3. 

Date: Saturday 11 August
Time: 5.45pm for 6pm start
Place: Smith Hall

Further details to follow next term.


 Star Camp


Applications are now open for Star Camp 2018. Please forward this information to anyone you know who may benefit from the camp. Applications close on Friday 20 July.

Aims of Star Camp:

To provide a fun camp with a range of activities for children with disabilities at no cost to parents and to provide respite for their families and carers.

What is Star Camp:

• a three day camp for children aged from five to fifteen who have intellectual and/or physical disabilities.
• provides a new and fun experience for the children and some welcomed ‘respite’ (rest) for their carers.
• is hosted by Genazzano FCJ College, Loreto Manderville Hall, St Kevin’s College and Xavier College
• campers will be accommodated in the boarding house at Xavier College and all activities are held within the school grounds
• There is no cost to families of campers and all meals are provided

Care of campers:

• Year 12 students from the participating schools become the ‘Companions’ for the campers, 24/7, these student companions are selected through a rigorous application process and are given extensive training in the various aspects of their role.
• Each camper and companion is supported at all times by medical and teaching volunteers from the host schools.
• A team of medical volunteers will be on duty 24 hours a day throughout the camp, under the leadership of Dr Jacinta Coleman, Head of Adolescent Medicine, Monash Children’s Hospital

Camp activities include:

 Jumping castle, Trackless train, Petting Zoo, Face painting, Swimming, Art and Craft, Music, Games, Disco night, Movie night, Visit from Santa

For expressions of interest or to obtain a camp information handbook and application form please contact: Camp Registrar: Mrs Alice Power, phone:9832 4904, email:

If you are associated with the Genazzano FCJ College, Loreto Mandeville Hall, St Kevin’s College or Xavier College school communities, please specify this on your application (Please note this has no bearing on whether an applicant will be successful. Sony Foundation are sponsoring a second camp at Scotch College at the same time – successful applicants could be allocated to either camp, but those who are members of one of our school communities can be assigned accordingly).
 Mrs Alice Power
Dean of Mission

Interschools Snowsports

Join the Snowsports Team for Interschools at Mt Buller 20 - 26 August 2018

Inspired after the recent Winter Olympics to race for St Kevin’s? Interschool’s participation is open to all competent skiers and snowboarders in giant slalom, skier cross, moguls, and slopestyle events. Last year our team of 37 students successfully raced in all junior and senior levels. 

Applications for 2018 close 27 July, but to access more information visit the Snowsports Portal page, and register your interest by emailing Simon Gaunt, Parent Co-Ordinator at
Mr Simon Williams
TIC Snowsports


Please click here to view this week's Sports Fixture.

Please click here to view last week's Sports Results.
 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Year Level Parent Events

Year 9

Mothers' evening event following RICE camp

Date: Friday 10 August
Time: 7.30pm
Place: TBC

Coffee Morning

Date: Friday 14 September
Time: TBC
Place: TBC

Parent function Amora Riverwalk

Date: Thursday 1 November
Time: During the Year 9 Social

Coffee Morning

Date: Friday 30 November
Time: TBC
Place: TBC


CLASAX Ensemble Competition

Congratulations to the Glendalough, Intermediate and Senior Clarinet Ensembles which all participated in the ensemble competition run by CLASAX, the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Victoria, last Friday evening. I am delighted to share the following results:

  • Glendalough Clarinet Ensemble - 2nd Place
  • Intermediate Clarinet Ensemble (Yrs 7-9) - 1st Place
  • Senior Clarinet Ensemble - 2nd Place
All of the groups played with a refined sense of "ensemble", with careful attention to balance, intonation and appropriate presentation. Congratulations to Ms Grania Burke and all of the musicians involved.

Composer Success

Congratulations to Timothy O’Malley (Year 12) who has been selected as one of eight finalists in the national Fanfare Competition. In this joint project between Artology and the Australian Youth Orchestra, Timothy will now have the opportunity to travel to Sydney to work with a leading composer to refine his composition before his work is recorded by the Australian Youth Orchestra. His fanfare will then be used in venues across Australia such as the Sydney Opera House and Hamer Hall.

Term 3 Music Dates

As Term 2 draws to a close, preparations are well under way for another busy term ahead. The Centenary Concert on Monday September 3rd will be a highlight. I hope you can all join us at Hamer Hall for this celebration.

Tuesday 17 July McCarthy House Mass
Monday 23 July Cusack House Mass
Wednesday 25 July Kenny House Mass
Friday 27 July Glendalough House Singing Festival - 9.30am - Boyd Egan Hall
Saturday 28 July Glendalough Junior Ensembles Workshop
Sunday 29 July Senior Guitar Ensemble to Ensemble Extravaganza, MLC
Tuesday 31 July Rahill House Mass
Wednesday 1 August Duane Awards Assembly
Thursday 2 August Kearney House Mass
Thursday 9 August Glendalough Concert Band to VSMF (Geelong)
Thursday 9 August Purton House Mass
Tuesday 14 August Choral and Vocal Concert 7.30pm - Smith Hall
Friday 17 August Middle School Concert Band to VSMF (Hawthorn)
Friday 24 August Big Band 3 to VSMF
Sun - Fri 26 - 31 August Years 10 - 12 Musical
Thursday 30 August Senior Cultural Activities photos
Monday 3 September Centenary Concert in Hamer Hall
Thursday 6 September Concert Band Auditions Commence
Saturday 8 September Zimele Dinner
Monday 17 September Music Association AGM - 7.45pm - C308
Thursday 30 September Glendalough Music photos

Music Office – C305

Mrs Andrea McDonald (Music Administrator) can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Students with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess, at Lunchtime or after school.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Cathedral Choir

Recording Session One

I am full of admiration for our Choristers whose cooperation last night was outstanding in what turned out to be a very productive session. For some, it was the first experience of the extremely intense, precise and demanding process of making a recording for commercial sale. This requires very high levels of patience and cooperation and I am very pleased to report that these were evident in abundance.


  • There is no Friday afternoon rehearsal this week.
  • Rehearsal this Saturday for the Ordination ceremony will commence at 8.30 am. Dismissal should be just after midday.
  • Sunday’s Mass will be sung by Tenors, Basses and Altos; Trebles have the day off.
  • The funeral for Mr Gustav Radda will be held next Tuesday with rehearsal at 9.30 am and the Requiem Mass at 10.30 am. We still have three positions vacant for this Mass.
  • The Choir returns from recess on 15 July
  • School uniform is required for Recording Session 2 on 19 July.

Remaining 2018 Dates

No Rehearsals 21 June
No Trebles/Altos 22 June
Ordinations 23 June
No Trebles 24 June
Funeral for Mr Gustav Radda 26 June (Optional)
No Choir
1 July
No Choir
8 July
Choir returns from Recess 15 July
Recording Session 2
19 July
Recording Session 3
2 August
Choral & Vocal Concert
14 August
Recording Session 4
22 August
Choir Photo 9 September
No Tenors or Basses 16 September
No Choir
30 September
Carols 14 December

Tentative Dates for 2019

To assist with forward planning, I am providing the following dates for next year on the understanding that there is still a number of dates to come for the 2019 calendar.

Choir resumes 3 February
Choir Camp 10 - 12 March
Holy Thursday 18 April
Good Friday 19 April
Easter Saturday 20 April
Easter Sunday 21 April
No Choir 14 April, 30 June, 7 July, 29 September

 Dr Daryl Barclay
Head of Choral Music
Director, Cathedral Choir


SKC Fathers’ Association

The SKCFA wishes everybody a safe and great holiday break. Thanks to all dads/male mentors who participated in the many events held during Semester 1.

We look forward to seeing you all again, as well as many more dads/male mentors during Semester 2.

Years 5 and 6 Father / Son Camp – Sold Out!

There has again been overwhelming support for the Years 5 and 6 Father and Son Camp this year – which is now officially sold out.
These camps do not happen by themselves, so, if you would like to take part in arranging future camps, please reach out to the SKCFA via

Next SKCFA Meeting for your Diary:

23 July – 6:30pm – Brandon Room Heyington Campus – all welcome

Other SKCFA dinner dates for your diary

Tuesday 9 October Father/Male Mentors Dinner Amora Hotel, Richmond
Monday 12 November Annual General Meeting and Dinner  Amora Hotel, Richmond 6.30pm

Entertainment Books

To order your subscription go to:

For any questions, please contact: Neil Fernando

M: 0417437174

Family Fun Day

The huge Family Fun Day is approaching – 25 November will be here in no time! Watch this space for future updates and help required by the SKCFA on the day.

Keep up to date

Besides this newsletter, you can also keep up to date on the SKCFA via our Facebook group:
Mr Simon Janes 
President, St Kevin's College Fathers' Association

St Kevin's Mother's Association

Mothers' Association Merchandise

To order St Kevin’s Mother’s Association merchandise online please click the link: The orders will then be delivered to your nominated campus (Heyington, Waterford or Glendalough campus) and can be collected by your sons or yourself. 

For any further details please contact Carole Putna or Maria Dasopatis via email

2018 Delivery Dates to Specified Campus:

All deliveries are made on Fridays and only on the dates specified below.

  • 3 August
  • 7 September
  • 19 October
  • 23 November

 Mrs Rachael McGarry
President, St Kevin's College Mothers' Association


Planning for our Term 3 Careers Program is well and truly under way. Our aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for the students here at the College and, to supplement these with information about external activities and information sessions. Decision making regarding VCE subject selection, tertiary pathways and even whether to undertake work experience is always so much easier from a position of knowledge founded in research and the receipt of first-hand information. When changes in tertiary offerings are made it is imperative students are made aware. The University of Melbourne recently announced a new offering of a suite of Graduate Degree Packages which bundle an undergraduate degree offer with an offer for a place in a specialised, professional entry graduate school programs. High achieving students can enrol into their desired undergraduate and graduate study pathway immediately after school - with the flexibility of withdrawing at any point if required. Please research these exciting opportunities.

This week at St Kevin’s the Careers Department provide two wonderful opportunities for students. Wednesday after school, an experienced consultant took about 20 of our Year 12 students through an interview skills preparation workshop which will provide them with the confidence and self-belief to approach course, scholarship or employment interviews positively. Tuesday lunch time saw a group of 25 Year 11 and 12 students in the Careers Department learning about opportunities with Ernst & Young as they progress from school to university with the goal of working for one of the Big 4 consulting firms. Branding and confidence were also important topics during this discussion.

As advertised previously, we are very excited to be hosting the SKC Careers Evening on Tuesday 24th July from 5:30pm to 8pm. This year we have upwards of 25 panels of speakers to select from, including an information session in the Ruby Tout Theatre about how to prepare for the future world of work taking into consideration automation and technology the likes of which have never been experienced before. The program will be available prior to the evening for Year 10, 11 and 12 students and parents to plan their evening to best effect.

The Year 10 Transition Day will be held on Thursday 10th August. Students in Year 10 will be treated to a motivation experience in order to aid the realisation that the time has come to “be the best they can be” both academically and personally. They will then be introduced to VCE subject offerings in a more in depth manner helping them to make the all-important subject selections later in August.

Two parent information evenings are scheduled in Term 3. The Year 12 VTAC Parent Information Evening is on Monday 30th August and the Year 10 VCE Information Evening for students and parents will be held on Monday 6th August. Please diarise these evenings should they be relevant to you and your sons.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • Dates to diarise
  • News from RMIT: Bachelor of Creative Writing; The Benefits of Studying a Fashion Degree at RMIT
  • News From ACU: Bachelor of High Performance Sport; Sport and Outdoor Recreation; Reminder Early Entry Programs
  • Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Campus Tours
  • Career as a Diplomat
  • Career in Event Planning
  • Snapshot of the University of Melbourne
  • Immerse University Insights

Please see Career News for more details.
 Ms O’Sullivan, Mrs Pingiaro & Mrs White
Careers Department