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 11 September 2014, Volume 65 No. 26

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From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Excitement has been building towards the Combined Concert as rehearsals have benefitted from the McMahon Centre. Our anticipation was matched by the wonderful evening of entertainment we enjoyed at Hamer Hall. Compered by our four music leaders, Charles Prior (C), Victor Choy (DC), John Hajek (DC) and Justin Mitchell (GC), the evening showcased remarkable talent, gifted teaching and a very appreciative audience. The sophistication of Chamber Strings performing a Vivaldi piece made for an interesting juxtaposition with the four Big Band items. The Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of the classic ‘1812 Overture’ made the audience gasp with delight only to be taken to another plain of pleasure as our Glendalough boys sang en masse, ‘The Will to Climb’.

The final choral piece, with the presence of forty plus Old Collegian voices, was simply stunning. The video vignettes added to the entertainment and to the audience knowledge of the diversity, depth, enthusiasm and musicianship of our boys. There is a maturity and momentum in our music program that will ensure music remains mainstream in the lives of Kevinians. We have such talented music educators, led by the remarkable Head of Music, Mr Simon Harris.

In our usual way of ensuring ‘fullness of life’, Preparatory to Year 12 were involved in House Athletics the following day. Messrs Travers and O’Brien had Years 7 – 12 running, jumping, throwing and enjoying themselves at Box Hill Athletic Track, while Messrs Stone and Sim had our younger set in full flight here at Heyington. For the record, Kenny won the secondary competition and Vaughan the Glendalough Games.

It is no bad thing that all our boys realise the importance of participation in all things St Kevin’s has to offer, rather than concentrating on only one area. The positive attitude of our boys and the fine direction from my colleagues, gives me confidence that this ‘well rounded man’ model of a Kevinian prospers in 2014.

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Hold your head up

It’s been a fortnight of song at St Kevin’s.

Last week, both the Senior students and those from Glendalough held their respective House Singing Competitions. In the latter case, boys sang selections from Mary Poppins. Whilst ‘a spoonful of sugar’ may not be popular with the Diabetes Association, everyone else seems to enjoy it. Besides ‘the recommended quantity of phenylalanine’ doesn’t have the same ring. Phenylalanine may have given us Diet Coke but sugar has given us the children’s birthday party, a far greater achievement.

On Monday, both music and song were overflowing at Hamer Hall for the Combined School Concert. The evening culminated in a mass choir, directed by Dr Daryl Barclay, involving students from Loreto and young old boys of St Kevin’s, singing selections from Carousel, including ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone'.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
There's a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

The Glendalough choir also held their heads up. Led by Mrs Ruth Friend, the boys gave an invigorating rendition of Paul Jarman’s ‘The Will to Climb’, complete with uplifting actions:

I have the will to climb.
All the mountains are calling.
I’ll rise to my dreams with courage at hand.
Reach up, look out.
There’s a world around me
Stand up speak out.
Far horizons reach me.

Song is indeed a powerful way of speaking out. You’d be pressed to find a movement in history that became significant without getting its members to sing together. Song creates community in a way that speech can only struggle to emulate. Every country has an anthem. Every great romance seems to have a theme song. Every religion has hymns or chants. Those religions which take us to a place of deep peace and silence do so that we can hear God singing in the depths of our lives.

I learnt something about the power of song from a friend called Jacob Rosenberg. For many years, Jacob ran a tailor’s shop in one of the lanes of the city. I met him when I was the fiction editor of a literary magazine and dealing with hundreds of hopeful submissions. Jacob’s stories stood out from the pile like gold in a pan. They were often built around the Talmudic love of riddles. You could have sung them.

Jacob grew up in the Polish city of Lodz and, as a teenager, endured great suffering under Nazi occupation when the city became a ghetto and was virtually starved into compliance. Jacob was brought up as what his father labelled a ‘Yiddish socialist’ but he had a friend called Simcha who was a cantor at the synagogue. One year on Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year, Jacob made his first visit to the synagogue to hear Simcha intone the chant ‘Avinu malkenu’, meaning ‘God is our father'. Jacob was ambivalent about religion but wanted to support his friend.

At the end of 1944, Jacob was carted off to Auschwitz in a cattle train. One day while he was there, he was lining up for a work party when he noticed the guards mocking a fellow prisoner. It took Jacob a few minutes to realise the prisoner was Simcha. Everyone had been disfigured by hunger and by treatment as an animal. Simcha was being taunted as a prelude to being taken to the gas chambers. The deputy commandant, knowing Simcha was a cantor, ordered him to sing a corruption of a popular song of the time: The song was supposed to have the words ‘it’s a lovely day’. The commandant pulled a pistol and ordered Simcha to sing ‘it’s my final day'. Simcha refused. But as the truck pulled away, he stood up on the back of it among the other prisoners, lifted his head high and sang in a voice that shook the spirit free, ‘Avina Malkenu', ‘God is our father'.

Jacob’s life changed in that moment. He began to understand the ways God reaches into human darkness. He began to think about what it means to reach back for that hand even when you can’t see.

In 1948, Rosenberg ran into the guard responsible in the Melbourne GPO. I asked him how he reacted.
Jacob had a great shrug. He shrugged with his whole being, as if he could move the weight of the world off his shoulders with a gentle gesture of surrender.

‘Well, what was the point of making the war longer. I let him go. I just sang in my head the words ‘God is our father'.

Jacob’s memoir, East of Time, is a masterpiece. It is every bit as powerful as the work of Primo Levi in thinking about subtleties and confusions of what it means to believe in God as a member of the race that created Auschwitz. Part of the answer is that it is the same race that learnt how to sing. Please God, our boys will sing on many occasions of celebration. Hopefully, they will also find voice to fill the deepest void with song.

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith & Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Mr Macfarlane accompanied Kenny students in assisting with serving breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Japanese teachers completed Course Writing.
  • Combined Concert took place at Hamer Hall.
  • Year 6 students had a Camp briefing.
  • Year 10 Commerce students went to Monash University.
  • House Athletics Carnival took place at Box Hill Athletics Track.
  • A group of Year 10 students attended 'enPower Me' Conference.
  • Glendalough House Athletics Carnival was held.
  • Year 10 OAP Leaders Information Evening took place.
  • Senior students attended United Nations Debating Competition.
  • Year 10 Community Service continued.
  • Year 8 JSP Debating continued.
  • Old Collegians 'The Noble (Teaching) Profession' Reunion was held.
  • Year 8 play 'Myth-o-logues' was performed over three nights.
  • Year 11 Biology students went to the Melbourne Zoo.
  • 'R U OK? Day' was acknowledged at the College.
  • Cultural Activities Photographs were taken.
  • Staff v Students Water Polo Match was played.
  • Year 6 'Race around Melbourne' excursion was held.
  • Year 11 Social took place.
  • Glendalough Mothers’ Association met.
  • Mr Sean Micallef addressed the Year 12 cohort.
  • Year 10 Dancing class was held.
  • Purton students and Mr Monagle assisted at the community group PACSEL.
  • Ms Ritchie accompanied Kearney boys who provided tutoring for refugee students at St Ignatius in Richmond.
  • Rahill boys accompanied by Mr McCann assisted at Fitzroy Tutoring Centre.
  • College Board Seminar, Mass and Dinner were held.
  • American History and French Exchange Tours departed.
  • Staff completed professional development on St Kevin’s Portal and Social Justice and Catholic Identity.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Patrick Williamson
Year 7
For his mature and enthusiastic contribution to the Year 7 Book Club meetings.

Henry Bennett 
Year 8

For embracing new opportunities with a positive attitude.

Dominic Sullivan
Year 9
For offering his time to assist other students in Mathematics.

James Huang

For his outstanding focus shown to VCE studies.

Isaac Leeson

  For adapting brilliantly to his new school in 2014.

Noah Janssen
For his outstanding contribution to the Arts at the College.

Kevin Pang
For his outstanding contribution to
all aspects of College life.

Maxwell Musarra
For his outstanding contribution to House and College life.

Anthony Campus

For his quiet and determined commitment to academic studies.

Calendar Dates

Friday 12
Year 10 Dancing Class
Year 9 Parent Function
French Exchange Group departs
Glendalough Mothers' Association Meeting
Year 8 Play - 'Myth-o-logues'



'Fog' Bar & Restaurant

Ruby Tout Theatre
Saturday 13
Athletics and Water Polo
College Board Seminar, Mass and Dinner

Monday 15
Fathers' Association Dinner
Year 8G, 8H and 8I Camp begins
Swap Shop Open - Waterford
Music Association AGM

3.00pm - 5.00pm
Amora Hotel, Richmond


Tuesday 16
Year 8G, 8H and 8I Camp
Year 10 Dancing Class Social
Stephen Chin Musician in Residence
Year 9 Collaborative Program
Senior Mothers' Association Meeting


Wednesday 17
Year 8G, 8H and 8I Camp
Year 12 Practice Examinations
Year 11 Fit to Drive (P1-5)
Stephen Chin Musician in Residence
Year 9 Collaborative Program

Thursday 18
Year 8G, 8H and 8I Camp
Year 12 Practice Examinations
Glendalough Grandparents/ Special Visitors Day

Friday 19
Year 8G, 8H and 8I Camp ends
Years 7-11 Progress Reports posted
Year 12 Practice Examinations
Class Reps Meeting
Glendalough Mothers' Association Meeting
Term 3 ends


Year 7/8 Father/Male Mentor Son Camp
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.


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St Kevin's College Drama Productions /Musicals

Final Performances - Thursday 11 & Friday 12 September 
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin’s College Heyington Campus 
$16 Adult/ $11 Concession 
TryBooking - (click here)
St Kevin’s College/ Korowa Anglican Girls’ School Year 8 Play

Year 8 students from St Kevin’s and Korowa have joined forces to present 'Myth-o-logues', a new play exploring the myths and legends of Ancient Greece.

The Greek mythology tour guide is Cassandra, the Trojan prophetess who no one believes. Cassandra will lead the audience through stories of war, relationships and the origins of good and evil.

Through monologues and re-enactments, the audience will re-live stories and legends, such as that of the mighty Trojan warrior Paris, who abducted the beautiful Helen, wife of King Menelaus. There is also the poet Orpheus, who travelled to Hades to rescue his deceased wife Euridice, and Arachne, who challenged Athena to a weaving contest and was changed into a spider for her boldness.

With a brisk running time that is under an hour, and plenty of action and variety performed by the large cast,
'Myth-o-logues' is suitable for all ages. Book now for final performance tickets!

Photographs take of the recent 'South Pacific' Musical have been uploaded onto the St Kevin's website photo gallery.

Mr Simon Parris (TIC)
SKC Productions

VCE Unit 3/4

Examinations Information

The VCE Exams Navigator 2014 and individual Assessment/ Examination Timetables have been distributed to all VCE students studying a Unit 3/4 subject.

Before presenting for any VCAA Oral, Performance or written Examination, students must read the VCE Exams Navigator. The booklet outlines approved materials for each examination, rules for the conduct of examinations, as well as providing advice on special provision and the VCE Results and ATAR Service.

Students are encouraged to make several copies of their personal VCAA Examination Timetable and to display at least one copy in a prominent position in their home. Photo ID is vital when presenting to any VCAA examination. Students are to arrive at their examination venue at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of reading time.

Please contact Mrs Linda Linehan if you have any questions or concerns regarding the examinations

Mrs Linda Linehan
Senior Studies Coordinator

Old Collegians' Association


Dates for 2014

The Old Collegians' 2014 event dates have been updated on the SKC Website. Please take the time to diarise any relevant dates and further details will be forwarded to you closer to the time.  If you have moved or changed your email address recently please contact us so we can update our records and keep in touch with you. Thank you.

Please contact Kevin Culliver (Executive Officer SKOCA)

Mr Kevin Culliver
Executive Officer SKOCA


Careers News

Year 12 students who need to enter their VTAC tertiary preferences and have not yet had or booked a Careers appointment with us, should do so as soon as possible. The deadline for timely applications is Tuesday 30 September at 5.00pm. This date falls in the school holidays and we are asking all Year 12 students to have their first draft of preferences submitted prior to the end of term next week. Doing so will ensure payment is $28 rather than an escalated amount for a late application next term. Year 12 students are also reminded that a Tax File Number is required to enrol in any tertiary course. Tax File Number application forms are available from the Careers Department.

All Year 10 students intending to do Work Experience these holidays should have completed their safe@work tests with us by now and have their Work Experience arrangement forms either submitted to their employers or returned to school. Any requests for Work Experience to be arranged in the final week of term may not be accepted.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

Please see Careers News for more details.

  • Reminder: VTAC 2015 Key Dates
  • La Trobe University 2015 Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship
  • APS Psychology Careers Seminar
  • Discover Hospitality
  • Automotive, Technical & Parts Apprenticeships
  • University of Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholars Guaranteed Entry to Medicine
  • Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Academy of Design Exam and Folio Presentation Workshops for Year 12 Students
  • New from RMIT University: New Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology
  • Pathway: Associate Degree in Engineering Technology; New Live Events and Technical Production; Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Visits
  • News from Deakin University: Discover Deakin – School Holiday Program; Guaranteed Pathways from TAFE to Deakin
  • News from Swinburne University: MathsLink; Advice Night; Robotics School Holiday Program
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Online Induction Unit & Career Ready Course
  • Box Hill Institute Diploma of Nursing Pathway
  • Bond University Medicine and Biomedical Science Information Evenings
  • Australian Defence Force Information Sessions
  • Fully Funded GAP Year Opportunity
 Ms O'Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
The Careers Department

Outdoor Education

All St Kevin's parents are encouraged to visit the new Outdoor Education website on the College Portal. It will become your information hub for all Outdoor Education information. Please ask your son to direct you to the website and show you around. Please email Cameron Barry for any further enquiries.
Mr Cameron Barry 
Head of Outdoor Education

SKC Debating

Current Results

Debating results have been uploaded onto the SKC website for your perusal (click here). 

Ms Kelly Gallivan
TIC SKC Debating


Final Points in the House Sport Championships 2014

The House Singing and House Athletics brought to a close the House Competitions for 2014.Kenny completed a clean sweep of victories across all five categories of House competition. Kenny won at Years 7, 8, 9 and Senior (10,11,12) and won the competition for the entire school; the Br PA Rahill Cup as the Champion House for 2014. (Click here) to download a copy of the report,

House Athletics Championships 2014

The College Athletics Carnival was held at the Box Hill Athletics track on Tuesday 9 September in windy conditions. A great day of athletic activities and contests was engaged in by the entire senior school. The four age categories saw the wins distributed among four different houses. Purton won Year 7, Kearney Year 8, Cusack Year 9, and Kenny Senior (Years 10,11,12).

In the overall aggregate for the day Kenny regained the Godfrey Stewart Shield after holding out Kearney who were second.

Sports Photograph Ordering Online - National Photography

The Sports Group Photographs taken Friday 18 July are now available online from the National Photography website. Please (click here) to order your 2014 Team Sports Photographs online and follow the below mentioned steps:-

• Access the National Photography website
• Click on the ‘orange’ option ‘Group & Event Photos
• Pop-up box will appear prompting you for a password (enter – SKC4)
• Login
• Select Campus and images required

Co-curricular Spring Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view APS Sport Current Results.

Please click here for this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures.

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


Fantastic Support at the Combined Concert, Hamer Hall

The audience of over 1200 parents, families and friends was a wonderful show of support for the musicians of St Kevin’s College on Monday night. Thank you very much for your support throughout the year. It is still possible to order videos of the concert (with bonus footage from the rehearsal). The order form can be found at this link (click here).

Ensemble Auditions

With the conclusion of the major concerts for 2014, auditions for Concert Bands and String Ensembles (including the Symphony Orchestra) are now set to commence. Boys need to book a time on the sheets outside C308, and collect audition information sheets which detail the technical work and repertoire required for the auditions. These auditions are used to assist the music staff in placing students in the most suitable ensemble and allocating their part and seating position.

Term 3 Music Dates

Download a copy of the remaining Term 3 Music Dates - (click here).

Music Office - C305

The Music Office C305, can be contacted by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at

Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.

Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Swap Shop

Monday 15 September 3.00pm - 5.00pm

The Swap Shop will next be open on Monday 15 September, 3.00pm to 5.00pm at the Waterford Campus in Richmond. As the boys will be moving back into their summer uniforms, now is the time to check that everything still fits. If you have any items of uniform that are no longer required then we would love to have them. All you need to do is attach a label (click here) to each item and drop them off at any St Kevin's School Reception. Once the item is sold you will receive a cheque for 50% of the proceeds.

If you require any further information, then please contact me at or 0403 338 765.

 Mrs Christine Quirk
Swap Shop Co-ordinator

SKC Fathers' Association


St Kevin's College Fathers' Association Dinner
Years 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor & Son Camp

Book Now

SKC Fathers' Association Dinner - Book Now!

We would like to invite all dads/ male mentors to our third dinner for 2014.
Monday 15 September 
Amora Hotel, 649 Bridge Road, Richmond 
7.00pm for 7.30pm
$50 per person (two course meal and beverages)
Friday 12 September, 12.00pm (tomorrow!)
TryBooking - (click here)

Special Guest Speaker: Duncan Hughes

It's 44 years since Duncan Hughes, Walkely Award winning journalist, St Kevin's old boy and father of Alexander (Year 8), had his first story published. It was on the front page of 'The Kevinian', our old school newspaper. Since then he has spent most of his life in daily journalism in Fleet Street, Wall Street, Washington, Canberra, Flinders Street and most of Asia covering everything from stockmarket crashes, to wars, terrorist attacks and elections. An irreverent look back on some of the personalities and big events.

We are extremely fortunate to have Duncan as our guest speaker for the evening. There will also be an opportunity for an informal Q&A session.

These dinners are a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other St Kevin's dads. All Welcome!

Years 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor & Son Camp - Book Now!

St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association is pleased to announce the Year 7 & 8 Father/Male Mentor and Son Camp to be held at a YMCA camp site in Victoria on Saturday 20 September and Sunday 21 September.

The Camp will be available to all students in Years 7 & 8 and their fathers or male mentors. Make sure you get your application in early, as places are limited. Download a copy of the Camp letter - (click here).

This is one of the programs run by the St Kevin’s College Fathers’ Association and is designed to encourage and foster relationships between students and their Fathers or Male Mentors. It is also an opportunity for Fathers/Male Mentors to get to know other Fathers and Male Mentors from the College. The Camp is facilitated by J2A - Journeys to Adulthood Ltd, a not-for-profit company dedicated to enhancing the relationships between sons and their fathers.

The YMCA Camp site offers a range of activities including canoeing, high ropes, vertical challenge, giant swing, low ropes, orienteering, a trivia night and lots more.

The accommodation at the Camp is provided for in cabins. You will need to bring your own pillows and sleeping bags/doonas/blankets, etc. All food and activities are included in the price.

There will be a car rally to get you to the camp. Fathers/Male Mentors will drive and their sons will be required to navigate their way to the camp as well as answer some questions along the way.

Further details about the Camp will be provided to you once your Application has been accepted, including what essential items to bring on the weekend.

Cost: $220.00 per adult and student pair. Extra students at $80.00 each. Numbers are limited. Make sure you book by Friday 12 September at the J2A website - (click here). Further enquiries to: Mark Caldwell (J2A) on 9830 7906 or Evan Raptis (President SKCFA) 0412 887 669.

Mr Evan Raptis - President
SKC Fathers' Association

SKC Old Boys' Football Club 

Friday 19 September - All Welcome

The St Kevin’s Old Boys' Football Club invites all members of the SKC school community to our annual Grand Final lunch.

To be held at Kooyong Tennis Club in the middle of AFL finals with Robert DiPierdomenico as our special guest speaker, it is a celebration of all things football (AFL & Amateur).

The SKOB community is very much about inclusion. It is particularly inclusive of the parents of prospective players. The club offers a great way to stay in touch with people you have come to know through the school.

Please have a look at the attached invitation. If you are in a business it is a fabulous networking event. If you simply want to get a group of friends together for a great lunch – it is always fun.

Guests can register and pay online - (click here).

Mr John Hart
TIC SKC Football

SKC Aquatic Club

New Divers Wanted

Boys in Years 6 and 7 are invited to try out in the SKC Diving Program. Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons at the Wilding Centre from 4.30pm - 6.00 pm. Activities include tumbling, stretching, strength, trampoline and water work. Fees will be charge from Term 4.

Please contact Elizabeth Howard on for more information or to book a trial session.

Mrs Elizabeth Howard
 SKC Aquatic Club

Zimele News

2014 Walkathon, Sunday 26 October - Book Now!

Join up with family, friends and others in the SKC community for the upcoming Zimele Walkathon, to be held at Yarra Bend Park, Fairfield and help raise much needed and appreciated funds for the people of Eldoret, Kenya.

Last year was a fantastic family day – let’s make this years even better by walking for our friends in Kenya, so that they can ‘Stand on their own two feet'.

Bookings, sponsorships and donations can be made through the secure online website at Trybooking - (click here).

Click here and 'LIKE' us on FACEBOOK and 'JOIN' the Zimele Walkathon event to keep up to date with photos and stories. 

Mr Tom Purcell
Zimele Chairman

Family Fun Day

Sunday 16 November, 10.00am - 4.00pm

The Glendalough Mothers Association are hosting our Family Fun Day (which occurs every second year) on the grounds of Glendalough.

The 2014 Family Fun Day promises to be a most exciting fair, with many rides, games, stall vendors, food, great entertainment, an online silent auction and sporting celebrity appearances. We anticipate good media coverage of the event and we extend a warm invitation to you to join our fundraising effort and enjoy the goodwill associated with being a part of our wonderful community.

If you would like to offer sponsorship or support our silent auction for this fantastic event, we would love to hear from you. All sponsors will be well advertised within and beyond the school community as major St Kevin’s College supporters. Please contact Rachael McGarry 0418 528 337 or

For further enquiries regarding Family Fun Day please contact Rachael McGarry, 2014 Family Fun Day Co-ordinator - or phone 0418 528 337.


SKC Merchandise

St Kevin's Towel Orders

At just $50 each these towels are embroidered with your son's name and in theory, will never be lost! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery will be to the College to your son's classroom.

Please click here for the link to TryBooking to order.
Further enquiries please contact Mrs Ann James - SKC Merchandising. 

If you are not a current parent and no longer require your subscription to this Newsletter please 'unsubscribe' with the link provided at the bottom of the front page.