Senior School Newsletter

 26 March 2015, Volume 66 No. 08

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

The main quadrangle at Heyington is always an unusual place this final week of Term. Our Years 10 and 11 boys are away on OAP (Outdoor Activities Program), Year 12 are here, yet quiet and relatively intense as they complete a week of school-based assessments and examinations. A large number, in fact the biggest group ever, some 150, music students in Years 7 – 9 are off-site for the first part of the week. My time visiting our Preps, reading to them, is my way of keeping a teacher’s mind-set this week.

It has been a remarkable last week of community events and celebrations since our last Newsletter. Our Swimmers and Divers, as expected, due to their remarkable work ethic in training, excelled at MSAC on Wednesday evening. Our Divers are APS Premiers for a sixth successive year. They were well-led by Scotia Mullen and trained to near perfection by TIC and Coach, Ms Elizabeth Howard. In the pool, we were second to Caulfield Grammar School. It was a grand effort and boys were led by two excellent seniors, Captain, Cameron Howard and Deputy, Lucas Carrazzo. Particular thanks to TIC, Mr Butcher and Senior Coach, Mr Gene Jackson.

Presentation Nights have continued with student-led reports featuring. Rowing, Table Tennis and Tennis have all conducted very successful nights during the week. The Cricketers celebrated on Saturday evening with, I am told, the World Cup presented and admired alongside the APS 1st XI trophy, which our lads have secured for the second time in three years. The 1st XI won all ten games, some in very close matches. Our admiration and congratulations to Captain Joshua Boehm, TIC, Mr Davenport and Senior Coach, Mr Shane Schottner. Our Rowers had an excellent final regatta at Nagambie on Saturday with so many crews featuring in A finals. The 1st VIII finished a creditable fifth and our best-performed crew were the 9A IV who won their division. Thanks to TIC Mr Bennett and Mr Eaton, Coach of the 1st VIII and Co-ordinator of the Coaches. Squash and Touch Rugby seniors won their competitions. Well done to Mr O’Dea and Mr Senior as respective TICs.

Finally, my thanks and admiration to all involved in the summer sports program, not least naturally, the Dean of Sport, Mr Travers and Assistant Dean, Mr O’Brien.

To break up a rather sporty after-hours week, I had the absolute pleasure of the comedic production of The Love of Three Oranges by Hillary DePiano. I was surrounded in the Tout by laughter coming heartily and regularly from the cross-generational audience. Our thanks to Sacré Cœur for their involvement. In a very strong cast, may I highlight a few performances. It is often said comedy is much harder than tragedy for the developing actor, which increases the significance of my comments. Both narrators, Brynach Rolfe and Tomasz Emerson interacted in a balanced, timely and genuinely comedic fashion with the audience. College Captain, Laurence Young as Prince Tartaglia, was a crowd favourite for his clever role rather than his school office. Thomas Bailey as Truffaldino was a flexible and Shakespearean-style fool of the first order. Tom entertained the crowd on- and off-stage in a very professional performance. The ‘evil women’, Princess Clarice – Isobel O’Malley, Fata Morgana – Jazmin Dakis and Smeraldina – Gena Karadaglidis, played strong female parts. Congratulations to Ms Edwina Christie, Mrs Helen Wallace and all their team.

At the Foundation Dinner in the city on Tuesday evening, Mr William McInnes thoroughly entertained the full dining room of the Australian Club. One notable SKC commentator wrote to me that William ‘captured much of SKC as I have not heard it done before’. Sincere thanks to Mr Culliver and Mrs Ryan for all their organisation of this special event.

Parents in the secondary years will be receiving the interim reports via the College portal.

May I wish all families a very happy and Holy Easter, restful holidays and a very successful Term Two.

APS Representatives
Badminton Sonny Li (Captain)
Cricket Liam Mahoney
Tennis Codey Gunn
Table Tennis  Aidan Wong, Michael Athanasiadis
Volleyball Tom Jok 

Kind regards

Stephen Russell

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission


Throughout this week, the boys in Years 7 and 8 have been engaged in an activity that is steeped in tradition. They have been doing what for centuries has been called ‘the way of the cross’, following a wooden cross as they listen to the story of the trial and death of Jesus, in this case as it is told in the Gospel of St Mark. The story is anything but dated. If anything, its connections to our broken world can be overwhelming. It is made of blood and sweat, injustice and despair, violence and betrayal, bullying and mockery, love and fear, nakedness and deceit. Yet this is the story at the heart of our faith and the only key Christians have to understand their humanity. It says everything about what God is like. Mark’s passion is a chilling love story. It cuts through all the nonsense and self-flattery we find easier to believe. It is a story without any trace of chocolate.

On Palm Sunday this year, we will hear Mark’s passion story at Mass. May I also suggest taking some time to sit quietly with it in private. Every phrase scratches at the veneer we often wear on the surface of our lives. It asks us to find God in a dark and painful place.

There is a part of ourselves that can relate to each of the characters. Pilate had an eye on his career and was desperate to keep the crowd happy. Peter was given away by his Galilean accent even though he was anxious to avoid any association with the dear friend for whom he’d left his business and security. Simon, who happened to be ‘coming in from the country’, was roped in to help a complete stranger. He doesn’t get to say a word. Mary of Magdala and two other women stuck it out to the bitter end when all the men who were supposed to be close to Jesus had made themselves scarce.

Other criminals, also being tortured, managed to find energy to mock Jesus. Finally, it was left to the centurion to deliver the punchline. He would not have been a nice guy. He had been assigned to the least glamorous post in the empire and he was used to conducting brutal executions as a form of public entertainment. Yet, at the end of it all, he reached an understanding that eluded the disciples.

He said ‘truly, this man was a son of God.’ At one time or another, every Christian knows what it is like to be any of these characters.

During the liturgies, some of the boys in Year 10 and 11 who were unable to go on camp, presented reflections on what the passion might mean. Here are a few snippets:
Jesus gave up his life for us so that we should live. He teaches us that we are able to be forgiven no matter what we have done wrong. We also learn about Pilate and his behaviour. We see how Pilate was peer-pressured into satisfying the crowd and having Jesus crucified, even though Jesus had done no evil. We see this a lot in our everyday lives.
- Dylan Faamausili
The story of the crucifixion of Jesus is arguably the most important event in history. The understanding that Jesus was beaten, mocked, rebuked and crucified all in the name of love for us is something that we will never be able to truly understand. Every day, we see the cross in numerous places. It is a universal sign that shows the love Jesus had for us. This extreme and ultimate price was paid in the name of love. It allows us to put into perspective how we treat those around us.
- Aaron George
Jesus suffers through immense pain and hardship for the benefit of us and in so doing challenges us to carry our crosses...The story also shows us that God is always present, whilst it may seem otherwise.
- Ben Toohey

Jesus was silent against all of the accusations hurled at him, showing us we must not give in to the temptation of stooping to the level of those who cheaply mock. His constant faith in God … means that you must always stay true to your beliefs no matter how much scorn you endure for them.
- Vikash Yogaraj

We must do the opposite of what the disciples did, which was turning their backs on their faith as a result of fear. Religion should be something that we embrace and are proud of. Our relationship with God is an integral part of living a fulfilled life.
- Nicholas Hallam
Jesus has set an example that we should love our neighbours, accept others and be willing to forgive them. Jesus shows us how compassionate we should be so that peace may be created. The story of Jesus’ crucifixion also teaches us that no matter what others think of you, you should remain faithful to yourself and continue to show your true, genuine identity.
- Albert Shen
Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has written a great book called Meeting God in Mark. He says:
The place of God is the place of a rejected and condemned human being … God has chosen to be, and to be manifest, at the lowest, weakest point of human experience … Jesus is saying simply that his execution is the price that is paid to free us once and for all from the fantasy that God’s power is just like ours, only in a hugely inflated version … the death of Jesus delivers us, dismantling the myth of power that holds us prisoner.
Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith & Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Years 10 and 11 students travelled throughout Victoria on OAP.
  • Years 7-9 Music Camp was held.
  • Year 12 students completed a week of SACs.
  • Easter Liturgies were conducted on all campuses.
  • Year 10 PACTS Evening was held.
  • Loreto Mandeville Hall buddies visited Prep to Year 2.
  • Football Association met.
  • Years 7 and 8 students enjoyed a concert by the Music students.
  • APS versus AGS Games took place.
  • Red Casual Clothes Day was held at Glendalough.
  • Foundation Annual Dinner was held at the Australia Club.
  • SKC/Sacre Coeur Tennis Day and Luncheon was held.
  • CEO Network Administrators meeting was held at SKC.
  • Year 7 students had a presentation on train travel and safety by Metro.
  • Mr Doherty and Mr Nott visited OAP sites.
  • Parent Function took place for Year 4 students.
  • Glendalough and Waterford Summer Activities Photographs were taken.
  • Year 9 Parents enjoyed a social function.
  • Years 8G and 8H had a Retreat Day.
  • Students participated in APS/AGS/ BAS Golf Tournament.
  • Friday morning Eucharist was celebrated in the Chapel of St Kevin.
  • Staff attended professional development in the Careers and Wider Reading.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Thomas Fernando
Year 7

For using initiative and demonstrating a helping nature during APS Table Tennis.

Matthew Griggs
Year 8

For his leadership and enthusiasm in raising awareness of Caritas Australia.

Jarek Heares
Year 9
For taking initiative by proactively collecting for Project Compassion in his spare time.

Liam Fitzgerald
For his assistance with supporting learning and enrichment in the middle school.

Michael Hester

For embracing fullness of life at the College.

Andre Coten
For his excellent contribution to the Kenny House fundraiser.

Lachlan McDonald
For his committed approach to his Academic Studies.

Patrick Kerr
For positive attitude and willingness to be involved.

Jacob Gatt

For an excellent approach to his first term in Year 12.

Calendar Dates

Friday 27 Term 1 ends
APS / AGS / BAS Golf Tournament
Years 7 - 12 Progress Reports posted
Year 12 Trial Examinations
Years 10 / 11 OAP

Monday 30
Soccer Clinic
Senior Football Camp

Tuesday 31 Soccer Clinic
House Golf

 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.

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Approximately 100 for a short article to be included in newsletter.

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From the Director of Studies

Very shortly, all families will receive their son’s Academic Progress Report. This document is the first of four formal academic reports of the year. Throughout Term One, though, the majority of teaching staff have been using the SKC Portal to input results for informally- and formally-assessed tasks. The purpose of the Academic Progress Report is to keep families and the boys apprised of student achievement in the suite of subjects a boy studies in Years 7 to 12. No written comments are provided at this time of the year; rather, an A to E grade is offered for both Academic Progress and Effort. After only three or four assessment instruments for the Term, the Academic Progress grade is, of course, interim. I asked all teachers to ensure that the grade they assigned for Academic Progress was based on tangible evidence. I also urged all teaching staff to be conservative in the grade they assigned. This is important because, later in the year – at the end of Semester One – all families and students will receive far more thorough reports, which will include the breakdown of results across all parts of the course. Part of this breakdown will show how each student fared on his Semester One Examination, the results of which are always standardised (bell-curved) and which add significant weight to the student’s Global Grade. Given that none of these Examinations has been held, it would be folly to suggest that students are of an A or B standard if they have shown that the small number of assessment items they have completed thus far are mostly C or B standard. All families will receive further detail about Semester One Reports during Term Two.

As families would be aware, the SKC Portal is a new innovation for St Kevin’s. We are thrilled by its short-term success, but look forward to its continued and improved use – by staff, students and parents – as the year progresses. Do be aware that where teachers have entered results throughout Term One, there is no means for their showing which tasks are weighted more strongly than others. What this means for the Term One Reports, then, is that some Academic Progress grades might not always be entirely commensurate with letter grades that have been entered for individual tasks on the Portal. For further clarification regarding this aspect of your son’s achievement in certain parts of the course he is studying, you will have the chance to speak directly with your son’s teachers at the Academic Progress Interviews early in Term Two.

The Academic Progress Report is a very useful way of showing to families and the boys where a student’s strengths and weaknesses lie. Take the time to speak with your son about his report so that he might make the most of the feedback offered by his teachers. Take notice, too, of the Effort grade: it would be marvellous to see all students with an Effort grade of A or B. Where your son’s Effort grade is lower than this, it would be the ideal opportunity for a conversation to take place at home about how he might go about making a difference to this part of his classroom work ethic and homework regimen. All students should use the Academic Progress Report to enhance academic achievement: it is certainly not too late for boys to turn any limitations into strengths for the remainder of Semester One.
 Mr Gary Jones
Director of Studies

Parent Contact Details

Each year, the College provides an opportunity for parents to share their contact details with other parents in their son's year level. For secondary parents, this sharing of information will be done, for the first time, via the portal.

If you wish to share your details and thus have access to the contact list, please select Parent Services on the left of the Portal Home Page, Parent Information Portal and Parent Contacts. You can share one or more contact details.

Please note these details are only to enable parents to contact each other. They are confidential and are not to be used for any other purpose.
Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration

College Open Day

Change of Date

Due to the Metro Trains decision to renew the line at Heyington Station from midnight on Friday, 1 May to midnight on Sunday, 3 May 2015, the College regrettably has to postpone the Open Day which was scheduled for Sunday, 3 May. A new date will be announced shortly.


Choral Scholarships

Applications Now Open

Applications for Choral Scholarships for entry into Year 5 in 2016 are now open. Please note that Academic Scholarship and Instrumental Scholarship applications for entry in 2016 are now closed.

Registration details can be located on the College website (click here).
Mr David Hill

Year Level Parents' Events

Year 7

Please join Year 7 parents for an informal coffee morning and catch-up:

Friday, 17 April
Zanuba, 6/521 Toorak Road, Toorak
  Entrance via Jackson Street
9.00 am onwards

Should you have any enquiries please contact Katrina Swift on 0415 124 054.

Year 10

Please ‘save the date’ for the following functions later in the year. Please check the newsletter closer to the dates for further details.

  • Term 2
    Saturday, 2 May - Parent cocktail party
  • Term 3
    Friday, 7 August  – Coffee morning
  • Term 4
    Saturday, 24 October – Parent drinks

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Year 10 Reps:

  • Jacque Yates on 0405 430 454
  • Dominique Rogers on 0418 102 968
  • Caroline Leng on 0412 894 211       

Year 12

We invite all Year 12 parents to join us for a morning tea:

Friday, 1 May
Sissi & Co, 1290 Malvern Road, Malvern
9.00 am

Thank you
Cate, Jane and Karen

Please note that for 2015, RSVP dates will be strictly enforced. It has necessitated as a matter of professional courtesy and etiquette to be accommodating with the Venues and/or the Catering group who are providing the SKC community with their fine level of service for an event. This also includes year level functions whether hosted at a venue, or at a private home.

Basketball Clinic

For those SKC boys keen to improve their skills before the start of Term 2, we are running the ever popular SKC Basketball Holiday Clinic with Tom White and Jack Howell. Open to current players or beginners, this clinic caters for all skill levels. The program runs for two half days towards the end of the holidays.

When: Thursday, 9 & Friday, 10 April
Wilding Centre, Heyington
Years 5 & 6 (morning sessions). Years 7 & 8 (afternoon sessions)
Years 5 & 6 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.
  Years 7 & 8 from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Water bottle and suitable clothing (preferably reversible singlet or light and dark shirts).
Cost: $60 for the two half days. 
4.00 pm Friday, 27 March. Bookings can be made via the following links:
For Years 5 & 6:
For Years 7 & 8:

Should you have any queries, please contact Sue O'Shea (Secretary, Basketball Association) on 0417 305 903 or

Please see attached flier for details.
Mrs Sue O'Shea
Secretary, Basketball Association


Soccer Clinic

The St Kevin’s Soccer Clinic will be held again this year during the first week of the Term 1 holidays, on Monday, 30 and Tuesday, 31 March. Attendance at the Clinic is mandatory for members of the 1st XI Squad. The Clinic is a great opportunity for players of all ages to get to know each other. Please click here for a flyer.

Please book through Please note, bookings close at 5.00 pm, Friday 26 March. For manual bookings please contact Ms Jenny Davrain or Mr Nick Hale

Practice Match and Sausage Sizzle

Heyington Oval will host a practice match between St Kevin's College and St Bede's College (Christchurch, New Zealand) on Monday, 13 April at 3.30 pm. 

Please see the attached flyer for details.

Mr Nick Hale
TIC Soccer

Parent Enrichment Program

The 2015 Parent Enrichment Program  will begin with a special evening at 7.00 pm, 14 April in Boyd Egan Hall, Glendalough. Mr Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist will speak on the topic ‘Shaping your Child’s Happiness.’ It will be relevant to parents of children at all stages of school. Andrew has also co-authored a series of programs for the promotion of resilience and emotional intelligence used in over 3,500 schools in Britain and Australia called 'The Heart Masters'. He is a Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Learning and Educational Development at the University of Melbourne.

Please click here to view a flyer and further information on the event.

Also, please make a note of the Parent Enrichment evening on Tuesday 5 May, the day on which St Kevin’s celebrates the feast of Blessed Edmund Rice. Our guest will be Ms Sherene Hassan, the Director of the Islamic Museum. She has a wonderful story to tell, one which we need to hear now more than ever. Edmund Rice encourages us to build a world on principles of profound justice so Sherene’s visit is a great way to honour his legacy. The talk will be held on Tuesday, May 5 at 7.45 pm in The Pavilion, Heyington.

Whilst an RSVP is not essential to attend these events, it does help with planning and is appreciated. Should you be able to attend, please email Mr Michael McGirr (email) or Mrs Sue O'Shea (email).
Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith and Mission

Books and Breakfast

The Library is hosting the annual Books and Breakfast event on Thursday, 7 May from 7.00 - 8.20 am. Parents are invited to enjoy breakfast with their sons while listening to a talk from Dr Joshua Funder.

Joshua Funder has recently released the book Watson's Pier, which traces not just one man’s journey, but the history of a nation. It also challenges the historical record of what happens in the final moments of Anzac cove. The book offers a new perspective of the meaning of Gallipoli . The story is told as a mixture of fact and fiction.

Bookings cost $15 and can be made at the following link

Please click here to view a flyer for the event.
 The Library Staff

Class of 2014 - 1st Year Reunion

All members of the Class of 2014 are invited to attend the 1st Year Reunion on Tuesday, 19 May in The Pavilion, Heyington. This will be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and chat about life after St Kevin's. The 2014 College Annual and other items will be available for collection on the night.

Please click here to view an invitation to the event.
 Mr Kevin Culliver
Executive Officer, Old Collegians

45th Annual St Kevin’s College Art Show

The 45th Annual St Kevin’s College Art Show is a competition, exhibition and sale of art work by over 700 leading Australian artists. It will be held this year from Friday 22 – Monday 25 May in the K.C. Smith Hall, Heyington Campus.

Invitations will be posted to all families early in Term Two. For further information on the SKC Art Show and/or to subscribe for updates, please visit

Advertising Opportunity in The Art Show Catalogue

Promote your business whilst supporting the College. Advertising space is now available in The Art Show Catalogue (prices start at $95.00). If you are interested in advertising, please email Kerry O’Hagan for details on

Art Show Café Coordinator

The Art Show Association is looking for an Art Show Cafe Coordinator. We require someone who will oversee the running of the cafe during the three days of the Art show. If you are interested please email Eleonora Luisetto on

Mrs Eleonora Luisetto
Convenor, Friends of Art

Fathers' Association

Please find below Term 2 Dates to Remember. Please lock these dates away in your diaries.

Father/Male Mentor - Son Camps

Grade 2, 3 & 4: 18 & 19 April
Grade 5 & 6: 13 & 14 June

Fathers' Association Meetings

Tuesday 21 April, 7.00 pm Boyd Egan Hall Glendalough
Tuesday 19 May, 7.00 pm Brandon Room Heyington

Father/Male Mentor - Son Cooking Masterclasses (Years 5 & 6)

Monday 4 May, 7.00 pm Waterford
Tuesday 5 May 7.00 pm Waterford
Thursday 7 May 7.00 pm Waterford

SKC Art Show Thursday 14 May - Set up.

Friday 22 May - Opening Night
Monday 25 May - Artists' Night
Tuesday 26 May - Set up
Volunteers will be required to assist each night.

SKC Fathers' Association Dinner

Tuesday 16 June 7.00 pm, Amora Hotel

Have a wonderful school holidays and we look forward to seeing you all at events throughout Term 2.
Mr Evan Raptis
President, SKC Fathers' Association

Outdoor Education

All St Kevin's parents are encouraged to visit the new Outdoor Education website on the College Portal. It will become your information hub for all Outdoor Education information. Please ask your son to direct you to the website and show you around. Please email for any further enquiries.
Mr David Howard 
Head of Outdoor Education


Co-curricular Summer Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes.

Please click here to view last weekend's APS Sport Results

Please click here for this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport


It was such a pleasure to help guide in excess of 100 Year 10 parents on Monday evening this week through the final two and a half years of secondary schooling and into post-secondary options from a Careers Department perspective. I hope that all who attended feel more confident in their knowledge of what lies ahead, the decision making processes, the transitions and the terminology and procedures involved in the VCE. Now we look to Thursday 16 April when we will present the DAT Feedback Evening for all Year 10 parents and students who will receive their reports at the end of the night. Families who are unable to attend may receive their reports at their Year 10 Careers Interview during Term 2.

We extend a big thank you to all the Year 12 students who have attended a Careers Appointment this term. Meeting with students early in their final year gives us the opportunity to guide them to relevant resources allowing an easier and more informed decision making process in Term 3 when tertiary preferences are submitted. Year 12 students who would like to see a Careers Practitioner may book appointments in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 2 after which we will turn our attention to the Year 10 students and parents for the individual DAT feedback interviews together with the commencement of VCE subject selection. Year 12 students will be able to book appointments again in Term 3.

Best wishes to all families for a safe and enjoyable holiday break and a very Happy Easter.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:

  • The Age VCE & Careers Expo
  • Law at Swinburne University
  • Career as an Occupational Therapist
  • Work Experience Opportunity with a Surveyor
  • SAE Campus Information Day
  • Career as a Tour Guide
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Autumn Holiday Program at The National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA)
  • International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) Career Week
  • Latitude Information Nights and Online Sessions
  • Defence Force Gap Year Applications close TOMORROW
Please see for more details.
Mrs O’Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
The Careers Department


Successful Music Camp

Congratulations to the 142 students and 15 music staff involved in the Year 7-9 Music Camp this week. The boys all worked hard and with a positive spirit and have turbo-charged their musical development with this intensive period of rehearsals. The standard of the performances on Wednesday afternoon was fantastic!

Jazz Concert, Tuesday April 28

The four Big bands will present their competition programs just two days before they depart for the Generations in Jazz weekend at Mt Gambier. The concert will be held in Boyd Egan Hall and commences at 7.00 pm. All are welcome.

Music Office - C305

Mrs Beth Little and other music staff can contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.

Music Dates Term II

Friday, 24 April
Glendalough Junior Ensemble Concert
3.30 pm, Boyd Egan Hall
Tuesday, 28 April
Jazz Concert
7.00 pm, Boyd Egan Hall
Friday 1 - Sunday 3 May
Big Bands to Generations in Jazz
Mt. Gambier
Monday, 4 May
Music Association Meeting
7.45 pm, C308
Tuesday, 5 May
Edmund Rice Day Mass  
Wednesday, 6 May
String Recital 3.30 pm MMC
Thursday, 7 May
String Recital 3.30 pm MMC
Monday, 11 May
VCE Music Recital 6.00 pm MMC
Wednesday, 13 May
Chamber Music Festival
7.45 pm, Boyd Egan Hall
Thursday, 14 May
Foundation Soiree
6.30 pm, Boyd Egan Hall
Sunday 17 - Thursday 21 May
Junior Secondary Musical, (Hairspray Jr)  
Monday, 18 May
SCB workshop with BGS 3.45 pm MMC
Friday, 22 - Sunday, 24 May
Art Show performances  
Friday, 22 May
Solo Concert 3.30 pm, C308
Monday, 25 May
Autumn Concert  
Tuesday, 26 May
Solo Concert 3.30 pm, C308
Thursday, 28 - Saturday 30 May
Glendalough Music Camp  
Wednesday, 10 June
Glendalough Winter Ensemble Concert 7.00 pm, Boyd Egan Hall
Monday, 15 June
Guitar Concert 7.30 pm, MMC
Tuesday, 16 June
Piano Evening and Percussion Concert 7.30 pm, MMC & Boyd Egan Hall
Saturday 11 - Sunday 12 July
Senior Music Camp
(Senior Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra)
Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Cathedral Choir

Monthly Excellence Awards

Congratulations to James Emerson of Year 12 who is the senior winner of the March “Excellentiam in Choro” Award and to Sancho Fernandes from Year 8 who is the junior winner.

New Mass Setting

Last Sunday, the Choir sang for the first time Palestrina’s “Missa pro defunctis” which was a special request from Archbishop Hart and which we have been rehearsing intensively over recent weeks. His Grace has since conveyed to me how much he enjoyed the Choir’s interpretation of it, and also how much he is looking forward to hearing it again on ANZAC Day.

James Emerson Sancho Fernandes

Holy Week & Easter

Thursday, 2 April
6.00 pm
7.30 pm
HOLY THURSDAY – Evening Mass of the Lords’ Supper
Friday, 3 April
1.00 pm 3.00 pm
GOOD FRIDAY – Solemn Celebration of the Passion 
Saturday, 4 April
6.30 pm
8.00 pm
HOLY SATURDAY – The Easter Vigil 
Sunday, 5 April
9.30 am
11.00 am
EASTER SUNDAY – Solemn Mass of Easter
Note: The rehearsal starting time on Good Friday has been brought back to 1.00 pm; there is no choir on Sunday 12; normal weekday rehearsals resume on Tuesday 14 April with the 8.00 am rehearsal for Trebles at Glendalough.

Calendar Corrections & Additions

The date for Easter 3 should read 19 April (not 20 April); July 12 is not listed on the calendar, but it will be a normal Sunday with rehearsal at 9.30 am and Mass at 11.00 am.

Dr Daryl Barclay
Director, St Patrick's Choir/Head of Choral Music

Diving Program

Vacancies currently exist in the excellent SKC diving program. Classes are well structured and groups are small. Boys in Years 6, 7 & 8 are invited to try a class any Wednesday of term at the Wilding Centre:

Year 6 boys: 3.30 - 4.45 pm
Year 7/8 boys:
4.30 - 6.00 pm                                                              
The first class is free after which fees are charged by the term on the school account. Pro-rata adjustments are available.

Please direct all bookings and enquiries to College Diving Coach/TIC Elizabeth Howard via email at or 0438 571 403.
 Ms Elizabeth Howard
College Diving Coach/TIC Diving

Swap Shop 

The next Swap Shop will be held on Monday, 20 April from 3.00pm - 5.00pm at the Waterford Campus, Darlington Parade, Richmond.

We have huge amounts of stock especially, trousers and jumpers so if you have a chance then please pop in, we would love to see you.

Please contact Christine Quirk on 0403 338 765 if you require any further information.

Mrs Christine Quirk
Swap Shop Co-ordinator

SKC Merchandise

St Kevin's Towel Orders

At just $50 each these towels are embroidered with your son's name and in theory, will never be lost! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery will be to the College to your son's classroom.

Please click here for the link to TryBooking to order.
Further enquiries please contact Mrs Ann James - SKC Merchandising. 

If you are not a current parent and no longer require your subscription to this Newsletter please 'unsubscribe' with the link provided at the bottom of the front page.