Senior School Newsletter

 31 July 2014, Volume 65 No. 20

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster


Mr Bryan Hoy (SKC 1940)
1923 – 2014

Dear Parents

The Requiem Mass for Mr Bryan Hoy (SKC 1940) will be moving to the final blessing as this Newsletter is emailed to our community. Only a fortnight ago, Bryan opened the Victor McMahon Music Centre. The College extends sincere condolences to his family. Mr Hoy’s loyalty and generosity to St Kevin’s mark him as one of the ‘gentlemanly legends’ of the College I have met and, to my great advantage and enjoyment, developed a friendship.

Past President of the Old Collegians, Foundation Member, Prize Donor and constant advocate of all that is SKC, were all part of the man I knew. Loving husband, father and grandfather, I witnessed in action. He will be greatly missed. The College was delighted when the family asked for our musical, choral and administrative involvement in the Mass at St Joseph’s Malvern.

The College welcomed further visitors this week from climates rather different from ours. Boys from St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon, another EREA school, joined us for their annual visit which will be reciprocated by some of our Year 10s later this term. On an EREA theme, it was splendid that Mr Langan our TIC of Basketball organised and very successfully conducted a tournament for all the Melbourne-based EREA schools last holidays. Our links across the nation with our brother schools continue to grow. In recent years, there have been sporting, cultural, academic and staff exchanges with a remarkable list of EREA schools. To illustrate the value of our national brotherhood of EREA schools, allow a faltering Headmaster’s memory to list the schools with whom we have had contact and exchange across recent years : WA – Aquinas College, CBC Fremantle, Trinity College Clontarf and Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon; SA – Rostrevor College, CBC Wakefield Street; NSW – St Patrick’s Strathfield, CBC Lewisham; Qld – St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, St Joseph’s College Nudgee, St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe, St Brendan’s College Yeppoon, Ignatius Park College Townsville and finally in Victoria – St Patrick’s College Ballarat, St Bernard’s College Essendon, Parade College Bundoora, CBC St Kilda; Tas – St Virgil’s College.

On the Music Festival circuit, we have enjoyed some recent success with both Big Band 4 and Big Band 1 receiving Gold Awards; on an individual level, Sam Beagley (Year 10 Rahill) competed in the Victorian State Solo & Ensemble Competition and was named Junior Champion of Champions for his trumpet playing. On the Public Speaking front, James Macaronas (Year 12 McCarthy) last Friday won the State Final of the VCAA Plain English Speaking Competition, the first St Kevin’s student to achieve this prestigious award.

As winter sport for most comes to a chilly end this weekend, I hope all parents and boys take the time to personally acknowledge the work done by coaches and managers, the great bulk of whom are my teaching colleagues.

May I particularly recognise :
  •   Dean of Sport   Mr Luke Travers 
  •   Assistant Dean of Sport  Mr Paul O’Brien 

1st Team Coach/Manager
Basketball  Mr Mark Langan
Mr Warrick Giddey, Ms Jacinta Sheridan
TIC Cross Country
Mr Brosie McCann
Mr Brosie McCann, Mr Jim O'Dea
TIC Football
Mr John Hart
Mr Paul O'Brien, Mr Michael Monagle, Mr Rod Grinter
TIC Hockey
Mr Ashley Foley
Mr Tom Burns, Mr J McCartney
TIC Rugby
Mr Kevin Culliver
Mr Bob Windle, Mr Matt Senior, Mr Vince Toohey
TIC Soccer
Mr Nick Hale
Mr Jim Rooney

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

Hope in suffering

This week’s reflection is written by our own Mr Tom Purcell. 

When I was training to be a Jesuit priest I was placed in Bethsada Hospital in Sydney to care for men who were dying with AIDS. The year was 1988 and the treatment of patients suffering with AIDS was not very advanced. I spent most of my time with a young man whose body had withered away to around 37 kilograms. Jim was so light to carry. He had huge bed sores on his back. I would clean his mouth out with a cotton wool bud every day. I had never seen a human being endure such suffering.

God works in mysterious ways and 30 years later as a school teacher my life is still very much dedicated to supporting people suffering with HIV and AIDS. Most of our work with Zimele is walking with women and children who are HIV positive. The contrast between the vibrancy of the African people and the terrible suffering of so many women and children suffering with AIDS is something I can never get used to.

Nineteen of the top twenty AIDS affected countries are in Africa. Two million people die from AIDS every year and one and a half million are infected each year. The suffering of many single mothers I meet every year is beyond words. In the rural and remote areas we travel on our Immersion many mothers do not even realise they are HIV and do not receive care until their immune system has almost completely broken down. Babies are born with HIV because of the lack of paediatric treatment.

On our house visits In Eldoret, we learn a new meaning to the words compassion and empathy. Mercy has HIV and looking after five children. Two of the children are her sister’s who has passed away from AIDS. One of Mercy’s own children is HIV positive. Mercy is very weak. Her huge smile is almost as wide as her frail body. When she sits down with me to talk about her life she bursts into tears. Our hug seems to last forever. Mercy has just moved into a new home because of the discrimination she faced from her neighbours. She lives in a shack with enough space for a single bed and a couch. A curtain is draped along the room for some privacy. Mercy stays strong by going to mass every Saturday. She keeps telling me she is so happy to see me and talks with great pride sharing her photo’s and stories about her family. There is no money for food; she is too weak to go to the Education For Life centre for support and she cannot pay her rent. Our conversation gives her hope but I leave in an hour knowing there is no hope.

My next visit is with Isaac whose wife has recently passed away. Isaac is looking after his six children. He has HIV along with two of his children. He has no intention to marry again and is dedicating his life to his children. The financial stresses are huge but he gets by with casual jobs and prayer.

Gaudencia is a grandmother living in a tiny shack with one room, two beds and nine grandchildren. She lost her first son from AIDS in 2007 and her second daughter from AIDS in 2009. There is hope in her life. Gaudencia tells me twice “God took my son and daughter because God loved the children more than me". She gets by through the support of Education For Life and help from people in her neighbourhood. When I asked her how she gets through life she says to me with great passion, “It is Angie that gives me courage.” We leave her home with her words ringing in my ears “Kabisa in my heart, Kabisa in my heart".

At the World AIDS Conference in Melbourne last week Bob Geldoff spoke about how poverty “is brutal on the psyche.” In Africa many single mothers plan their week on eating four days a week. Women are forced to sleep with men who are HIV positive so they can feed their children. They calculate that even if they are sleeping with men that are killing them they will live long enough so that their children are okay. In Africa the cause of AIDS is to do with poverty. It is impossible to live in Kenya on less than $2 a day but this is the reality of more than 50% of the people. The world must bring them into a functioning global economy.

We all have a shared responsibility to eradicate poverty and the spread of AIDS . The single mothers in Africa are the bravest women I know. Their courage and determination to live for their children inspires me everyday to want to do more. We know the world doesn’t have to be like this. Zimele will never walk away in our fight against AIDS and our efforts to alleviate the suffering of our fellow human beings.

I urge you to continue to the struggle of eradicating poverty and AIDS. Please come to the Zimele Dinner on Saturday 23 August and change the lives of women and children living with HIV AIDS through the Education For Life, Eldoret, Kenya and Start Support. South Sudan. Bookings can be made online at

Share the spirit at the Zimele dinner at St Kevin’s on Saturday 23 August. To purchase your tickets please click here -

Mr Michael McGirr
Dean of Faith & Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Year 9 RICE Program continued at venues all over Australia.
  • Mr Critchley accompanied Kenny students in assisting with serving breakfast at St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Yeppoon Touring Group visited the College.
  • French Teachers were involved in Course Writing.
  • McCarthy House Mass was celebrated.
  • Senior Mothers’ Association and Combined Mothers’ Association held meetings.
  • McCarthy students with Mr Clifford assisted at the community group 'Good Grub'.
  • Year 10 students Community Service continued.
  • Years 7 and 8 House Winter Sports Carnivals were held.
  • Year 10 Transition Program was conducted.
  • Foundation Music Soiree was performed in Boyd Egan Hall.
  • Year 10 Art students went to the National Gallery of Victoria.
  • An officer from Port Phillip Prison addressed the Year 12 cohort.
  • Ms Rankin and Kearney students assisted with tutoring at St Ignatius in Richmond.
  • Mr Hale and Purton students assisted at the community group PACSEL.
  • Staff undertook Professional Development at the Women in Leadership Conference, VCAA, Yarra Careers Group, and EREA Conference.
  • Year 11 Parents enjoyed a social function.
  • Year 10 Aviation Student Flights took place.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Joshua Collins 
Year 7
For his humble acceptance of his outstanding sporting and academic achievements.

 Zachary Close
Year 8

For assisting an injured member of his Tutor Group during the course of Term II and III.

Dante Di Paolo
Year 9
For outstanding leadership and character throughout his Waterford year.

Joseph O'Bryan

For his generosity in ensuring that special events are celebrated for members of the House.

Harry Long

  For general excellence in all areas of College life.

Herbert Fithall
For serving as an ambassador for  the College at the  Melbourne AIDS Conference Youth Day.

Rory McGrath
For outstanding contribution to
all aspects of College life.

Oscar Goodman  
 For selection in Victorian Under 16 Diving Team.

Samuel Beagley

For his outstanding performances in the Victorian State Solo & Ensemble Championships.

Calendar Dates

Friday 1
Year 10 Dancing Class
Year 11 Parent Function
Year 9 RICE Program

Saturday 2
APS Sport

Sunday 3
Cross Country Presentation Evening  
Monday 4
Soccer Association Meeting
SKOCA Meeting
Year 10 VCE Information Evening


Tuesday 5
Years 10-12 House Winter Sport
Choral and Vocal Evening  


Wednesday 6
Junior APS Cross Country
Finance and Property Committee Meetings
Basketball Presentation Evening

Thursday 7
DAV Debating Round 5 (SKC)
Siblings Photographs
Year 9 Winter House Sports


Friday 8
Year 10 Dancing Class
Saturday 9
APS v AGS Games
Athletics and Water Polo
Soccer Presentation Evening
Rugby Finals
 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.


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Approximately 100 for a short article to be included in newsletter.

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St Kevin's College Drama Productions /Musicals


Sunday 24 August
Wednesday 27 - Friday 29 August 
Ruby Tout Theatre, St Kevin's College, Heyington Campus
$25/Adult, $16/Concession
TryBooking -
Book Now!
This year’s Senior Musical is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic war-time musical 'South Pacific'. An evergreen classic, this beloved 1949 musical was seen in a lavish revival at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre last year.

Set on an island in the South Pacific region, the story centres on ensign Nellie Forbush who must overcome her inherent racism to be with Emile de Becque, the French plantation owner she loves. Well known songs from the show include “Some Enchanted Evening“, "Happy Talk” and “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair". Rousing choruses, colourful comedy and powerful drama characterise the show, which has a script based on James A. Michener’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel.

A cast of over 70 students has been working since May to bring the show to life. They are supported by many more students and staff as crew and orchestra.

'South Pacific' is a show for the whole family to enjoy. Tickets are on sale now, and are expected to sell at a fast rate.

Mr Simon Parris
TIC SKC Productions

Old Collegians' Association


Dates for 2014

The Old Collegians' 2014 event dates have been updated on the SKC Website. Please take the time to diarise any relevant dates and further details will be forwarded to you closer to the time.  If you have moved or changed your email address recently please contact us so we can update our records and keep in touch with you. Thank you.

Recording of Occupations

During 2013 the Old Collegians' Association ran several cocktail evenings for specific occupation groups and we intend to do the same in 2014. The nights were a great success, with many a story and business network cemented in the common experience of being a Kevinian.

The St Kevin's Old Collegians' data base needs to have a record of the occupations so that invitations can be sent to the correct people. We are very keen for all Kevinians to nominate their occupation but specifically this year we would like to hear from all of those of the Noble Profession (education). 

Please contact Kevin Culliver (Executive Officer SKOCA)

Mr Kevin Culliver
Executive Officer SKOCA


Today the Year 10 students have been involved in a number of different activities as part of the Year 10 Transition Day. We hope your sons found the day stimulating and beneficial. On Monday August 4 at the Year 10 VCE Information Evening the process, considerations and dates for VCE subject selection will be outlined to parents and students and the subject selection forms will be distributed.

We now turn our main attention to the Year 12 students and their applications for tertiary study. Bookings may now be made for help with VTAC applications which open on Monday August 4. We ask that students book as soon as possible so that we may fit as many in during Term 3, prior to the timely deadline for applications.

On Monday 4, Friday 8 and Wednesday 13 August, we will be at Waterford undertaking the Year 9 Transition Program with the students. This is an exciting time for us to get to know these young men who return to Heyington as Senior School students from 2015. Thank you to all parents who attended the Year 9 Transition Evening last Thursday which I trust was informative. For those unable to attend, I have uploaded my presentation to the SKC Careers Website which can be accessed - (click here).

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • Courses in Business at Melbourne Universities
  • Billy Blue Open Day 2014
  •  Academy of Design Open Day 2014; Exam and Folio Preparation Courses
  • Free Download of Career Information Profiles
  • News from The University of Melbourne: Guaranteed Pathways Into Graduate Degrees; Chancellors Scholars Program; New Online Resource for Parents
  • Unilink Diplomas: Pathway to a Degree at Swinburne University
  • News from Deakin University: New Bachelor of Medical Imaging Degree; Deakin Assured Offer Program
  • Defence Force Recruiting Information Sessions
  • Open Day Dates
Please see Careers News for more details.
 Ms O'Sullivan, Mrs Runciman & Mrs White
The Careers Department

Outdoor Education

All St Kevin's parents are encouraged to visit the new Outdoor Education website on the College Portal. It will become your information hub for all Outdoor Education information. Please ask your son to direct you to the site and show you around. We are currently uploading all Year 10 'Camino' information. Year 7, 8, 9, and selected Year 11 information will follow shortly. I encourage you to email the department as the first line of communication as we are not in the office often enough to respond to your phone calls. Please email Cameron Barry
Mr Cameron Barry 
Head of Outdoor Education


Co-curricular Winter Sports

Please check the Current Fixtures each Thursday afternoon for any sport draw changes

Please click here to view APS Sport Current Results.

Please click here for this weekend's APS Sport Fixtures.

Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

SKC Cross Country

Cross Country Presentation Evening - Book Now!

St. Kevin's Cross Country team extends a warm invite to all athletes and their families to attend the season ending Presentation Evening. This is a wonderful celebration of our boys' enjoyment in the sport.

Sunday 3 August
Pavilion - St Kevin's, Heyington
TryBooking - (click here)
It is a requirement that all boys must wear their full school uniform. All athletes are expected to attend with their parents.
Mr Brosie McCann
TIC SKC Cross Country 

SKC Basketball Association

Basketball Presentation Evening - Book Now!

St Kevin's Basketball Association extends a warm invite to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Basketball Presentation Evening. This is a very popular evening and places sell fast. So book now!
Wednesday 6 August 
Smith Hall 
6.45pm for 7.00pm start  
Students: $25 Adults: $35. No Cash or cheques please.
Including a two course buffet, soft drinks provided for students. BYO glassware, beverages & pre-dinner snacks. 
TryBooking - (click here) Bookings have been extended until Sunday 3 August, 6.00pm. After that time no more bookings will be excepted.

Any further enquiries email: or contact Sue O’Shea 0417 305 903. Download a copy of your invitation for the fridge door - (click here).

It is a requirement that all boys must wear their full school uniform. All players are expected to attend with parents. Please don't forget to bring some money on the night for the Raffle and Silent Auction.

Photographs for Presentation Evening

A fabulous photo presentation is part of the evening's entertainment. There are only a few more weeks to take photos of your son’s team and send them in JPEG format to your Year Level Representative. Year 7 photographs are to be sent to Allison Hart. Please refer to the SKC website -
Mrs Sue O'Shea
SKC Basketball Association

SKC Soccer Association

Soccer Presentation Evening - Book Now!

St Kevin's Soccer Association extends a warm invite to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Soccer Presentation Evening. All players are expected to attend with parents.
Saturday 9 August 
Smith Hall
6.00pm for 6.30pm start
TryBooking - (click here)
or contact Jenny Davrain
This is a wonderful celebration of our boys' enjoyment of the game. Seating is limited so please be sure to book early.  Please don't miss out, mark it in your diaries now! Download a copy of your invitation for the fridge door (click here). It is a requirement that all boys must wear their full school uniform.

Don't forget to send your soccer photos to Mr Nick Hale TIC Soccer - or leave your CD or USB at Reception for Nick Hale to collect. A selection of photos will be included in the PowerPoint presentation during the evening.
Mr Nick Hale
TIC SKC Soccer

SKC Hockey Association

Hockey Presentation Evening- Book Now!

St Kevin's Hockey Association extends an invitation to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Hockey Presentation Evening. All players are expected to attend with parents.

Tuesday 12 August 
Smith Hall
7.00pm for 7.30pm start 
TryBooking - (click here)
Thursday 8 August, 4.00pm
$30/adult, $20/student
Including a gourmet carvery with salads, desserts, tea and coffee. BYO glasses and beverages

This is a wonderful celebration of our boys' enjoyment of the game. Seating is limited so please be sure to book early. Please don't miss out, mark it in your diaries now! Download a copy of your invitation for the fridge door (click here). It is a requirement that all boys must wear their full school uniform.
Futher enquiries to Mr Ashley Foley (TIC) -

Mr Ashley Foley
TIC SKC Hockey

SKC Rugby Association

Rugby Presentation Evening - Book Now!

St Kevin's Rugby Association extends an invitation to all players, family and friends to attend the annual Rugby Presentation Evening. All players are expected to attend with parents.

Friday 15 August  
Smith Hall
TryBooking - (click here)
It is a requirement that all boys must wear their full school uniform.

Mr Kevin Culliver

SKC Football Association

Football Presentation Evening- Book Now!

St Kevin's Football Association cordially invites students, family and friends to attend the annual Football Presentation Night on Saturday 16 August 2014. The night is a celebration of St Kevin’s Football and all players are expected to attend in full winter uniform with parents.

Special Guest Speaker – Scott West
Played 324 Games for the Western Bulldogs; Five Time AFL All Australian; Seven Time Western Bulldogs Best & Fairest; Twice Runner-Up Brownlow Medal 2000 & 2006 and Inducted into Australian Football Hall of Fame 2013.

Saturday 16 August 
Smith Hall
6.00pm for 6.30pm start
TryBooking - (click here)
Friday 8 August
$36.00/Adult, $26/Student
Including a two course buffet, soft drinks provided for students. BYO glassware and beverages.
The night is very popular and therefore we recommend you book early to ensure your attendance and avoid any disappointment. Any further enquiries please contact: Simon Olsen 0478 402 550 or Alan Moyle 0407 557 037 To download a copy of the Flyer for the fridge door - (click here).
Mr Simon Olsen
President SKC Football Association

Interschools Snowsports Championships 2014


Can you Snowboard or Ski?

Would you like to try racing? Then get involved with this years Snowsports Championships!
Competence in one of these disciplines is necessary - racing experience not required.
Cross Country
Sunday 10 August 
  Primary School Competitions  Monday 25 – Wednesday 27 August 
  Secondary School Competitions  Thursday 28 – Sunday 31 August
Mt Buller
For interested families - parents please contact Chris Papadopulos via email: Download the flyer for the fridge door! - (click here). Registrations close Monday 4 August .

SKC Martial Arts 

Spring Training

St Kevin’s College would like to advise all Years 7 to 11 students of an exciting 10 week Martial Arts Spring Training program during Terms 3 & 4, commencing after the Winter Sport season.

The program will have 10 weekly training sessions under the instruction of a Martial Arts Specialist and SKC Head Coach, Mr Peter Keogh, who will teach Self Defence, Karate and Conflict Management Skills at the following time and venue.

Training Day:
Thursday (commencing 14 August, concluding 6 November) 
3.30pm - 5.00pm
$150 for 10 sessions
Application Form:
Return to College Reception by Thursday 14 August - (click here)
The program is designed to allow existing Martial Arts students to further improve their skills, but no prior experience is required.

A white training uniform may be required (Martial Arts jacket and pants). The purchase of a uniform can be arranged through the College at a discount price.

If you are interested, please fill in an application form - (click here), also available on the College website and hand it in to the College Reception clearly marked attention to Mr Arai. Applications will close on Thursday 14 August.
Mr Terry Arai
TIC Martial Arts


Annual Zimele Dinner - Book Now!

The Zimele Dinner Committee warmly invite you to attend the Annual Dinner 2014. 

Saturday 23 August 
Smith Hall
7.00pm for 7.30pm
TryBooking - (for booking tables and making small donations for the dinner) OR (for larger donations and sponsorships)
$85 per person
Further enquiries contact Cath (0438 900 565) or Sasha (0414 581 242) 
There will be two major prizes to be auctioned on the night. Brian Cosgriff (SKC Design Tech teacher) has donated one of his own handmade tables and Anthony Breslin will paint a painting on the night of the dinner and at the end of the evening his artwork will be auctioned.

Please (click here) to download a copy of your invitation here.

If you are unable to attend the Annual Dinner this year, we would welcome your donation. Funds raised would directly benefit the women and children at the Education for Life centre in Eldoret, Kenya, who live each day with HIV Aids. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online through the Trybooking website. Please refer to the link provided above to make your donation and (click here) to download a copy of a letter outlining Zimele's two major fundraising projects for 2014.

We are actively seeking sponsorship from within and also outside of the SKC community. We have a big commitment to Angie Obutu and her team who run the Life Education Centre, Eldoret Kenya. If anyone is interested in sponsorship of Zimele in any way, please contact either Daniel Mount - or Jessica Kornacki - to discuss in more detail.

We are still seeking silent auction prize donations for the Annual Dinner. Some suggestions are holiday stays, travel, tickets for sporting events, restaurant vouchers, winery tours, etc. If you are able to donate please contact Celia Conlan

Zimele Foundation

SKC Aquatic Club

Junior Encouragement Meet - Swimming & Diving

Saturday 30 August 
Wilding Centre Pool
8.00am - 10.30am
Event Entry Bookings:
TryBooking by Monday 25 August, 11.00pm
No late entries accepted
St Kevin's are lucky to be sharing this event with fellow girl schools Loretto, Genazzano, St Catherine's and MLC.

You may like to choose some merchandise to purchase prior to the Meet Day; please refer to the form provided as a reference - (click here). All event bookings and merchandise orders MUST be made through TryBooking online.

Please contact Swimming Meet Coordinator Michelle Pfeiffer - or Diving Meet Coordinator Elizabeth Howard - for all further enquiries. Please (click here) to download a copy of the SKAC Junior Swimming and Diving Meet Program.
Mrs Michelle Pfeiffer
SKAC Team Manager


Term III

Term III is always a busy term, with many ensembles participating in the Victorian School Music Festival (VSMF), combined events with other schools and our own concerts, including the Combined School Concert which is being held at Hamer Hall on Monday 8 September.

Combined School Concert - Monday September 8

Information about this concert has been distributed at ensemble rehearsal. Click on the link provided below for a copy of the letter which includes details regarding ticketing. Book your tickets early to guarantee the best seats! It is important that all of our musicians return the permission slip to the Music Office so that they can participate in the rehearsal and concert at Hamer Hall. Please (click here) to download the parent letter and rehearsal permission form.

Big Bands' Success

Last week Big Band 4 and Big Band 1 were both awarded a Gold Award at the Victorian School Music Festival. This is a very significant achievement. Congratulations to all those involved in the preparation and performance. 

Term III Music Dates

Download a copy of the Term 3 Music Dates - (click here).

Music Office - C305

The Music Office C305, can be contacted by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at

Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.

Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Parent Functions

Year 12

Year 12 Parents’ Movie Night
Wednesday 13 August 
Sun Theatre, 8 Ballarat Street, Yaraville
7:30pm – 10:30pm  
$22 per person
Includes: movie, pre-movie nibbles and drinks, candy bar items, choc tops and water - served in cinema!
TryBooking - (click here). No Cash accepted on the evening! Tickets are non-refundable
Wednesday 6 August, 9:00am 

Please note there is complimentary parking at the rear of cinema and easy access via the train (and of course, carpooling!)

Any further enquiries please contact: Marianne Van Schoten on 0425 724 475 or Katrina Prior (0414 920 756) or Alison Weber (0438 816 159). Download your invitation for the fridge door - (click here)

Year 11 

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday 1 August, at the home of Derek and Martine Browell. Details below.

Year 11 Parents' Evening
Friday 1 August  
Home of Derek & Martine Browell
310 Wattletree Rd, Malvern East (Cnr Westgarth & Wattletree Rds)
7.00pm - 10.30pm
$35 per head (delicious finger food BYO beverages)
No Cash accepted on the evening. Tickets non-refundable
TryBooking by tomorrow, Friday 25 July, 3.00pm - (click here)
Download a copy of the invitation for the fridge door - (click here)

Any further enquiries please contact Karen Zylstra – 0417 001 842

Year 10

Year 10 Mothers' Dinner
Tuesday 19 August  
Giorgios's Restaurant
1235 High Street, Armadale
$45 per person - CASH ONLY ACCEPTED on the evening
(includes - 3 course meal, welcome drink; drinks @ bar prices thereafter, plus tea and coffee)
Email your reply to  by Friday 15 August 8:00pm
Any further enquiries please contact Gillian Goeller - 0409 144 331

Year 9

Year 9 Coffee Morning
Friday 15 August
Sissi & Co, 1290 Malvern Road, Malvern
Any further enquiries please contact Jo Sudano – 0411 874 668

Hold the Date:

Year 9 Parents Cocktail Party - Friday 12 September, 7.30pm (details to follow in future newsletters)

Year 7

Year 7 Parents' Evening
Thursday 7 August 
The Malvern, Cnr Glenferrie & Malvern Rds, Toorak  
Time:  7:00pm - 9.00pm  
$15 per person (welcome beverage & limited finger food)
No cash accepted on the evening. Tickets are non-refundable. 
TryBooking (click here) by 31 July, 8.00pm
Download a copy of the invitation for the fridge door - (click here)

Further enquiries please contact: Cindy McDonald 0410 539 040 or Trish McBurnie 0404 886 576


SKC Past Mothers' Association

Annual Luncheon - Book Now!

St Kevin's Past Mothers' Association extends a warm invite to all past mothers to attend the annual Luncheon.

Thursday 11 September 
The Riversdale Golf Club
Cnr Huntingdale & High Street Roads, Mount Waverley
12.00 noon
$75.00 per person - (contact Marg Hawker for payment details)
Mrs Marg Hawker -

Download a copy of the flyer for the fridge door - (click here).

Mrs Marg Hawker - President
Past Mothers' Association

City of Stonnington and Sacré Coeur Seminar

The City of Stonnington in partnership with Sacré Cœur Presents...Smart Generation Panel

Did you know?

Children who start drinking alcohol early:

• are less likely to finish school
• are more likely to suffer depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD
• are more likely to experience problems with alcohol in their adulthood
• may actually be doing permanent damage to their brains

Panel Members

Professor Bosco Rowland is an Alfred Deakin Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, Faculty of Health at Deakin University. Bosco is conducting research that is focusing on how adolescents obtain and are supplied alcohol and testing ways of reducing supply to adolescents.

Danny Alcock is the Community Services Manager for Taskforce, a leading Drug and Alcohol Agency.

Rebecca Veitch is a Beer Goggles Presenter and is employed by Ambulance Victoria.

Paul Kelly is the Local Youth Resource Officer from Prahran Police.

Having a conversation with your child about alcohol can be difficult and confronting. It is important to do - as it will help them stay safe now and be smarter, healthier and happier in the future.

The Smart Generation panel will look at how we can help our children understand the risks of drinking alcohol before the legal age of 18.

When: Wednesday 6 August 2014
Time: 7:15pm start (finish by 8.45pm)
Where: Kirby Centre, Sacré Cœur, 172 Burke Road, Glen Iris.
Cost: FREE
RSVP: Monday 4 August 2014 to or phone 8290 7029.
Bookings are limited.

Chrissy Singh
Youth Development Officer
T: 8290 7029 | M: 0417544976 |
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Bob Stewart 

Malvern Store Open 

 Download a copy of the Prep - Year 12 uniform requirements - (click here).

SKC Merchandise

St Kevin's Towel Orders

At just $50 each these towels are embroidered with your son's name and in theory, will never be lost! Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery will be to the College to your son's classroom.

Please click here for the link to TryBooking to order.
Further enquiries please contact Mrs Ann James - SKC Merchandising. 

If you are not a current parent and no longer require your subscription to this Newsletter please 'unsubscribe' with the link provided at the bottom of the front page.