Senior School Newsletter

  16 June 2016, Volume 67 No. 18

Regular Notices

Other Notices

From the Headmaster

Dear Parents

Membership of a community requires commitment, contribution and acceptance of shared values, and adherence to that community’s core values. St Kevin’s, as a Catholic school in Edmund’s tradition, is a clearly defined community at whose heart are our Catholic values and traditions. There are traditional and honoured College practices that also form and guide our culture.

At a recent Waterford Forum, and this week’s final Heyington Assembly, I spoke of how we all, boys, staff, parents and Old Collegians, have real responsibility to contribute to this community so that it is the better for our membership. We celebrate so often the myriad ways our boys bring credit to their families, their school and themselves by their actions in and out of school. All are aware of the answer to the often put S F Russell question, ‘When are you a St Kevin’s boy?’ Boys know it is not just in uniform, at school or when on SKC activities, but also when out in the community, at home and online; and, this responsibility to uphold our SKC values continues into adult life.

The light dominates the dark, the good outweighs the bad and the intelligent and generous attitude of our boys and men so regularly overwhelms the petty and the nasty behaviours of a few. I did, however, clearly state at the two senior assemblies what can place membership of this community at risk and said that as hard a decision as it may be, the College will, if needs be, deny ongoing connection as a result of some behaviours of a few.

Violent aggression and persistent bullying – physical, emotional or online – will result in an enrolment meeting in my office. Stopping your peers learning by poor classroom behaviour will bring a similar result. Breaking the law by inappropriately using, supplying or distributing drugs – prescription or illegal – would also result in an immediate suspension and the College assessing your right to remain part of our community. Sustained unwillingness to participate in College life - community service, sports, outdoor education and liturgical and College celebrations – is also a clear message that someone no longer wishes to be part of our community. Taking legitimate instructions from staff is a ‘sine qua non’ for every boy, as is acceptance of our standards of dress, grooming and manners.

We celebrate that so many families and their boys support with enthusiasm our values, standards and customs.

Another point of positivity is the election in the holidays. Rather than petulantly lamenting the airtime taken by politics in the run-up to voting, we should be grateful that our government can be returned or changed by the ballot box. For all our flaws as a nation, we are one of the most successful examples of a democracy made up of peoples from increasingly diverse backgrounds.

As Semester One concludes, we farewell some staff. My sincere thanks to our trio of Gap Tutors who return to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Will Radbourne, Cian Deeley and John O’Hara have all been real contributors to the College, particularly to Glendalough. Thanks also to teaching and specialist staff, Dr Adele Norton and Ms Emma Nelson, whose replacement contracts conclude this week. Your contributions at Heyington have been appreciated.

May all enjoy the blessings that come from families spending time together across the holidays!

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell
St Kevin's will value diversity and friendship within the community.
(from the Mission Statement) 

Faith and Mission

I am devastated. Last night, as I returned from Touch, a convincing win for the Try-Hards, I realised I had lost a bracelet of mine. This is no ordinary bracelet. It is a 22 carat dainty gold rosary bracelet – a present from my parents many years ago. I do not remember when exactly nor do I remember the occasion, although I am pretty sure it was a Christmas gift. I do remember many, many other more important times linked to the bracelet though.

I remember the first time I saw it. It was in one of our local jewelry stores who would not be too renowned for its religious jewelry beyond the usual First Eucharist and Confirmation memorabilia. It was so pretty and elegant and well beyond my budget. I remember being shocked to receive it as a very unexpected gift. I did not take it out of its box for quite a while as it seemed too precious to use.

I remember as I was packing for World Youth Day Sydney 2008 and Australia and New Zealand, and what turned out to be a three month trip; keeping a bit of home and God close. I wore it throughout my interview process for my job here at St Kevin’s. I remember as clear as day, sitting on the plane, waiting for it to take off, methodically praying through the decade of beads on my way to London for the final interview with Mr Russell. I remember standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, placing my written prayer into a gap, looking in wonder at all the other prayers pushed in there over the years and feeling the bracelet in a private prayer of my own for all those people who had come there, in hope, before me. There are many more trips for which it accompanied and eased me.

This year the bracelet became more of a constant companion, no longer just being brought for extra-ordinary occasions. Although, this semester has been somewhat of an extra-ordinary occasion or at least it has been made up of 148 such cases. The beads became a source of comfort. Just before the commencement of the Opening School Mass (you can substitute this occasion for almost every other event this semester), a touch of the nubs prompted a ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’ and acted as a deterrent for the butterflies that were building in my stomach. At the times when my to-do list seemed a little long and daunting and a crescendo of anxiety began to set in, they were a source of security and reassurance, and faith.

Prayer beads are not only used in Catholicism but also by a number of other religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Islam, Sikhism and the Bahá'í Faith to mark the repetitions of prayers, chants or devotions. The English word bead finds its origins in the Old English noun bede, meaning a prayer.

I do hope though, that it answers a need for whoever finds it. I hope it can bring them as much comfort and support as it brought me. I can’t help feel that as I finish my time filling in for Michael McGirr that this is a poignant reminder of the end of an era. As I finish my last newsletter article before Michael’s return next term, I would to take this opportunity to thank you all for continuing to read these articles. Thank you for all the feedback and the challenges to extend myself and consider the topics I write about deeply. I wish you all the happiest of holidays, I hope you enjoy this time for family, here, across the state, inter-state and overseas. God bless.
We would like to remind parents/guardians of this evening's Parent Enrichment
evening. Please click here for details.

Mrs Alice Power
Acting Dean of Faith and Mission

Fullness Of Life

This week at St Kevin’s College...

  • Queen’s Birthday Holiday.
  • Year 10 students went on a Retreat Day.
  • Year 11 VCD students went to Top Arts at the National Gallery.
  • Percussion Evening was held.
  • McCarthy students enjoyed “A Boys’ Night In”.
  • Mr Doherty attended EREA Deputies Conference in Adelaide.
  • Last day for changing Semester 2 subjects.
  • Piano Evening took place.
  • Year 11 Legal Studies students went on excursion to the Melbourne Legal Precinct.
  • Glendalough Swimming lessons continued.
  • Year 10 students completed Community Service.
  • Author in Residence Program continued at Glendalough.
  • Mr Paul Dillon addressed Years 10 to 12 students, Pastoral Committee and Parent Enrichment Evening on drugs and other adolescent concerns.
  • Waterford Winter Activities Photographs were taken.
  • Glendalough Parent Teacher interviews were held.
  • Guitar Concert was performed.
  • Friday morning Eucharist was celebrated in the Chapel of St Kevin.
  • Headmaster presented Semester One Awards at Glendalough.
  • End of Term Mass celebrated at Glendalough.
  • Rahill Bake-Off Stall raised money for Fitzroy Reading Program.
  • Politician Ms Kelly O’Dwyer addressed the Year 12 cohort.
  • Students from Purton with Mr Ross assisted with the community police program PACSEL.
  • Japanese Study Tour departed.
  • Rugby President’s Lunch was held.
  • UK Cricket Tour departed.
  • Staff Association held a function.
  • Rostrum Public Speaking Finals were held at the College.
  • Staff completed Professional Development at VCAA.
Ms Janet Canny
Director of Students


Ryan King
Year 7
For his positive approach to all aspects of College life.

Alexander Dowman
Year 8
For his positive and enthusiastic approach to all aspects of College life.
Patrick Pettenon
Year 9
For his positive and friendly outreach towards the College community.

Cameron Sweeney
For his support of a Junior student in need.

Marcus Hope
For his excellent participation and community spirit on the Kearney Retreat.

Lachlan Jordan
For his dedication to and involvement in Kenny House activities.

Darcy Clarke
For his significant contributions to House spirit and ethos.

Owen Mahoney

For his continued support of the House and for his endeavours in our Social Justice Outreach Program.

Darcy Reeves
For upholding the values of the College with a diligent approach to his studies.

Calendar Dates

Friday 17
Term 2 ends
Staff Association Function
Year 10 CUS Retreat
Japan Study Tour departs
Glendalough Semester 1 Awards Assembly


Saturday 18
APS Sport 1st teams only
Rugby President’s Lunch


Monday 20
Term 2 Holidays

Tuesday 21
Term 2 Holidays


Wednesday 22
Term 2 Holidays


Thursday 23
Term 2 Holidays

 Please see the College Calendar for full details and future dates.

Don't forget to make use of the Calendar search facility. For example search on Father-Son to find information regarding the Father-Son Camps. The Calendar can be accessed from the top of any page on the College website.

Newsletter contributions should be emailed to: by 5pm on Monday.

Full Article or Flyer: for inclusion on website (to be linked from the short article in the newsletter) to be sent in a separate Word document.


Semester 1 Reports

Years 7 - 12 Semester 1 Reports will be available from Monday 20 June via the College Portal.

Please go to must use your Portal Parent Login Name (which is your 5 digit school ID number) and password to access your son’s report. If you do not have your login or password, please contact Reception on 9822 0911.

To access these reports, please select Parent Services on the left of the Portal Home Page, Parent Information Portal and Docs (from the top menu). Select your son’s name on the right and his current report and previous reports, if applicable, should be visible. You may open or save these documents.
 Mr Ted Guinane
Director of Administration

Foundation Business Breakfast

 Mr Kevin Culliver OAM
Secretary, Foundation


Basketball Holiday Clinic

For those SKC boys keen to improve their skills before the start of Term 3, we are running the ever popular SKC Basketball Holiday Clinic with Tom White and Jack Howell. Open to current players or beginners, this clinic caters for all skill levels. The program runs for two half days towards the end of the holidays.
Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 July
Where: Wilding Centre, Heyington
Years 5 & 6 (morning sessions). Years 7 & 8 (afternoon sessions)
Years 5 & 6 from 9.00am to 12.00pm
Years 7 & 8 from 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Water bottle and suitable clothing (preferably reversible singlet or light and dark shirts).
$60 for the two half days.
4.00 pm Friday, 24 June.
Bookings can be made via the following links:
For Years 5 & 6:
For Years 7 & 8:

Should you have any queries, please contact Maria Kaplanis (Secretary, Basketball Association) on 0418 587 972 or

Please see attached flier for details.

Save the Date

Basketball families are asked to please keep Monday 8 August free for the Basketball Presentation Night.
Mrs Maria Kaplanis
Secretary, Basketball Association

Combined Parents' Association Cocktail Party

The St Kevin’s Mothers’ Association, along with the Glendalough Mothers’ Association and the St Kevin’s Fathers’ Association would like you to join us for our annual Combined Association's Cocktail Party!

Friday 29 July 
The Terrace
Gate A, Royal Botanic Gardens, South Yarra
7:00pm - 10:00pm
$81.50 per person (includes sumptuous canapes & beverages)
Cash bar from 10:00pm to 11:30pm
Raffle drawn at 8:15pm - DJ to begin at 8:45pm
3.00pm, Friday 22 July - via
(unless sold out prior - please note space is limited, book early to avoid disappointment)

There will be sensational raffle prizes and a very exciting “Live Auction” prize to be auctioned off.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact Details: Molly Birch - 0407 849 762
Molly Birch, Rachael McGarry,
Claire Whitbread, Jerome Adams and Bruce Duncan

 Combined Parents' Association

Soccer News

Save the Date

Soccer Presentation Evening

Soccer families are asked to keep Saturday 6 August free for our Soccer Presentation Evening . It will be a night to celebrate the boys achievements over the season. 
Time: 6.00 - 9.00pm
Smith Hall, Heyington

Further details forthcoming.

Capture the Action

Soccer Photo Competition

Parents, friends and family are once again asked to take photos of the action on and off the field at this year’s SKC Soccer games. Prizes for best photos will be awarded at the Soccer Presentation Night on Saturday 6 August. Prizes are for best ‘SELFIE’ and best ‘ACTION’ shot.

Selected photos will be placed on the College website's soccer page during the season and also be used for the Presentation Night photo slideshow. So make sure your son’s team is represented and submit your best photos. We have set up an account in DropEvent so that we can collect photos taken at this season’s soccer matches. It is a really easy system to use. Photos can be submitted in one of the following ways.

  1. Email your photos to Please put your son's Year Level, team and your name as the subject line (e.g. Year 9A by Hilary Williams).
  2. Email to the SKC Website at
  3. Click on the link (, or copy and paste in to your browser. You can drop photos into the applicable Year Level folder BUT please name the photo file (e.g. Year 9 A by Hilary Williams)
  4. CD’s or USB keys can be sent to the school office addressed to: SKC Soccer Photos 2016 Attn: Mr Nick Hale
To view photos, please go to the above link and enter the password SKC.

Photos must be submitted by 27 July to enable editing. If you have any queries please contact Hilary Williams on

Note to Team Managers: Please ensure at least one team photo is submitted.
 Mr Nick Hale
TIC Soccer

Year Level Parents' Events

Year 9

Save the Date

The mothers of Year 9 boys are invited to enjoy a great opportunity to catch up over dinner and share the stories of our boys RICE adventures (although the boys will not be attending).
Wednesday 10 August
Giorgios, Corner of High Street & Glenferrie Road, Armadale

Please look out for further details in the newsletter next term. 


Zimele - What is it?

In Term 4 of 2015, a call came through from Assistant Director of Glendalough, Joanmary Adderley. The Grade 6 Mannix House Captains had organised a very successful Fundraiser for Zimele and could we please collect and deliver to Edmund Rice Foundation. No problem. The boys had organised a ‘Coin Line’ - so simple and it says so much about St Kevin’s Boys and Zimele. They understood how to make a difference and how every boy could contribute – big or small – coin by coin. The total added up to $2,000 - that makes a big difference!

There are lots of opportunities to support Zimele - for all present and past boys, families and extended families and friends.

Zimele is the contribution of our St Kevin’s Community to the Edmund Rice Foundation – for two specific projects. Making a difference to the lives of women and children in the ‘Education for Life Centre’ in Eldoret, Kenya and the ‘Star Support Group’ in South Sudan. We raise funds for these projects and the Edmund Rice Foundation ensures it reaches the target projects. The Immersion is self-funded.

To learn more about Zimele and the 2016 events, go to and perhaps view the 2014 Zimele Immersion Video.

The Senior boys have now had their school Walkathon – thank you for your sponsorship.

The next event is the Zimele Dinner held at Smith Hall on Saturday 3 September. Please watch for your emailed invitation very early next term. The cost is $95.00 per person for a sit down dinner. Tables of 10 are available, or you can book individually and we will find you a welcoming table. There will be a bar selling beer, wine and soft drinks. A Live and Silent Auction will be held. NOTE: There will be an Early Bird price of $85.00 per person that will end midnight Wednesday 3 August.
Please watch the Newsletter for information on two other important events:
  • The zimele24hourchallenge
    Starts at 9am on Saturday 10 September. This is a new initiative - please encourage your boys to participate.
  • The Zimele Walkathon – 23 October
    Will be held on Sunday 23 October. Is a wonderful event for the whole family at Yarra Bend Boulevard in the spring sunshine! More news on that later.
We do so much for our boys, let’s open their eyes to how, like the Glendalough coin line, each family can make a big difference!

Should you have any queries, please contact:
  • Dinner - Cath O’Malley on 0438 900 565
  • Walkathon – Cate Noonan on 0425 242 912
  • Zimele24hourchallenge – Nick Baff at or 9822 0911

SKC Fathers' Assocation Dinner

Tuesday, 7 June 2016 at Amora Hotel

On Tuesday, 7 June, the Fathers’ Association held its first dinner of the year at Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne.

We extend our gratitude to Mr Tim Bilston who was once again very generous in providing his first-class venue along with exceptional food and service, at munificent value.

We are also grateful to our guest speaker, Glendalough father and Collingwood Head Coach, Mr Nathan Buckley.

Mr Buckley was kind enough to speak at length with the fathers, in the middle of the AFL season, whilst helping guide his young team to the goal of reaching the finals. He generously answered all probing questions (under Chatham House Rules of course), but it is fair to assume that the presence of a Herald Sun reporter among the fathers may have tempered his candour with a little caution.

All appreciated his observations on extracting excellent performance from young men. If some Collingwood supporters had hoped that this excellence would be evidenced by more than four wins after 11 rounds, they were certainly gracious about it. Mr Buckley at least, rightly takes comfort in the fact that his son's under 10 team, which he also coaches, remains undefeated.

The Fathers’ Association thanks everyone for their involvement in the night and reminds all fathers that everyone is welcome at our next meeting at 7:30pm, 18 July 2016 in the Brandon Room. Members of the SKC Fathers' Association Facebook group are able to view the meeting details by clicking here: All SKC parents/guardians are most welcome to join the group here:


Planning for our Term 3 Careers Program is well and truly under way. Our aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for the students here at the College and to supplement these with information about external activities and information sessions.

Decision making regarding VCE subject selection, tertiary pathways and even whether to undertake work experience is always so much easier from a position of knowledge founded in research and the receipt of first-hand information. To this end, we have two lunch time speakers organised for Week 1, Term 3. On Wednesday 13 July, Jamie Shenker from Ernst and Young will present an overview of the pathways into Ernst and Young and Accounting careers in general. On Thursday, Cora Sheridan will relate her experience thus far studying Medicine at the University of Newcastle, the post Year 12 Medicine entry process, including interviews and offers. On Wednesday of Week 2, a speaker from Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) will provide an overview of their GAP Year Program for interested students.

As advertised previously, we are very excited to be hosting the SKC Careers Evening on Tuesday 26 July from 5:30 to 8pm. With approximately 25 panels to choose from with speakers ranging from past students of the College to current parents and tertiary course representatives we hope as many of the Years 10 to 12 students and parents can attend as possible. This is an opportunity to learn about career pathways from the generalist and specialist perspective, trajectories within and between careers, and about particular tertiary course options.

The Year 10 Transition Day will be held on Thursday 4 August. Students in Year 10 will be treated to a motivation experience in order to aid the realisation that the time has come to “be the best they can be” both academically and personally. They will then be introduced to VCE subject offerings in a more in-depth manner, helping them to make the all-important subject selections later in August.

Two parent information evenings are scheduled in Term 3. The Year 10 VCE Information Evening for students and parents will be held on Monday 1 August and the Year 12 VTAC Parent Information Evening is on Monday 15 August. Please diarise these evenings should they be relevant to you and your sons.

Items of note in the Careers News this week include:
  • The Swinburne Advantage
  • News from Deakin University: Update from the Faculty of Business and Law; Update from the Faculty of Arts and Education
  • Visual Merchandising at Kangan Institute
  • Photography Studies College Experience Day
  • ACU Passion for Law and Commerce – Early Entry Program
  • Snapshot of Monash University
  • Engineering Degrees in Victoria
Please see the Careers News for more details.
 Mrs O’Sullivan, Ms Nelson & Mrs White
The Careers Department


AMEB Entries

Instrumental teachers are currently distributing application forms for AMEB examinations in Term 4. Please note that the forms need to be returned to the Music Office by Friday, 17 June.

Remaining Term III Music Dates

Sunday 26 June - Sunday 10 July
Europe Music Tour
Saturday 23 July
Glendalough Junior Ensembles Workshop
Tuesday 26 July
MSCB to VSMF (Depart 12.15pm)
Tuesday 2 August
Choral and Vocal Evening
Thursday 11 August
Glendalough House Music Festival (11.15am - 12.45pm)
Thursday 11 August
GCB to Geelong (Depart 1.15pm, Return 6.30pm)
Monday 15 August
VCE Recital at LMH
Tuesday 16 August
ICB to VSMF (Depart 8.45am, Return 1.00pm)
Wednesday 17 August
SCB to VSMF 7.20pm
Sunday 21 - Friday 26 August
Years 10-12 Musical
Monday 5 September
College Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre
Monday 12 September
Music Association AGM
Wednesday 28 September
VCE Recital

A full list of the important Music dates for the year is provided here.

Music Office – C305

Mrs Beth Little can be contacted at the Music Office by phone on 9804 3045 and by email at Boys with enquiries are encouraged to visit the Music Office before school, at Recess or at Lunchtime.
 Mr Simon Harris
Head of Music

Cathedral Choir


Reports for Primary Choristers were mailed out today. Overall, they tell a very positive story about the excellent level of cooperation and performance these boys have shown across Semester One.


A reminder that there is no Friday afternoon rehearsal tomorrow for the Trebles and Altos. The Trebles are also excused from this Sunday’s Mass which will be sung by the Tenors, Basses and Altos.

Looking Ahead

As previously advised, there will be no Choir on Sunday 26 June or Sunday 3 July. The Choir returns to duties on Sunday 10 July. Please ensure that your holiday arrangements allow for this. On the same day, boys will be given lunch at the Cathedral ahead of an extra rehearsal from 1.00 - 3.30 pm to work intensively on our recording repertoire. The first recording date is on Thursday 14 July in the first week of Term 3. The other two dates are 4 & 18 August. I have given the Choristers a hard copy of arrangements and posted them on their Portal and on the Choir Parents’ Portal as well. A copy is also included below.

Mid-Term Break

The mid-year break and the two “no-Choir” Sundays will provide our Choristers’ voices with a timely rest ahead of an exciting term in which they will record, perform in concert, and tour to Adelaide. I hope that all our boys and their families will be able to enjoy the respite that the coming weeks offer.
 Dr Daryl Barclay
Head of Choral Music
Director, St Patrick's Cathedral Choir



Co-curricular Sports

Please click here to view the APS Sports fixture.

Due to the Queen's Birthday long weekend, there are no Sports Results.

 Mr Luke Travers
Dean of Sport

Swap Shop

The next Senior School Swap Shop opening is on Thursday 15 September from 1.00 – 4.00pm.

The Swap Shop is situated at Waterford Campus, 20 Darlington Parade, Richmond. For more information about the Swap Shop please click here.

Please contact me on if you require any further information.
Mrs Samantha Beven
Convenor, Swap Shop