Study Skills Handbook

The ELES Study Skills Handbook provides a comprehensive and interactive online guide to the study skills needed for success in high school studies.  The handbook can be used by students, parents and teachers.

Topics currently covered by the handbook are:
at home
1. Home Study Environment
2. Organisation and Filing
3. Time Management Skills
4. Managing Workload
5. Dealing with Distractions
6. Overcoming Procrastination
7. Developing Motivation
8. Goal Setting
9. Lifestyle and Balance
10. Managing Stress 
 at school
1. Will we ever use this?
2. Using Classtime
3. Asking for Help
4. Dealing with Conflict
5. Groupwork Skills
specific skills
1. Reading Skills
2. Writing Skills
3. Mathematical Skills
4. Language Skills
5. Research Skills
6. Presentation Skills
tests and exams
1. Summarising
2. Active Studying
3. Preparing for Exam Blocks
4. Test-Taking Techniques
5. After Tests & Exams

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