Welcome to the Fathers' Association

2017 Fathers' Association Office Bearers

Mr Philip Skehan
Vice President  Mr Simon Janes
Vice President  Mr Steve Burke
Mr Mark Adams
Secretary  Mr Rajesh Singh 
Treasurer  Mr Neil Fernando 
Email  fathersassociation@stkevins.vic.edu.au

The SKC Fathers' Association is a vibrant and energetic group of fathers/guardians who work within the guidelines of its Constitution, aiming to:

  • Foster a sense of community amongst the parents of St Kevin’s College; and
  • Contribute to the development of the boys’ relationship with their fathers/guardians through organised activities all year round.

All fathers/male mentors from present and past pupils of St Kevin’s are eligible for membership.

There is no cost involved or any minimum level of commitment or involvement required – we encourage and welcome all levels of participation. 

Fathers’ Association Calendar

Don't forget to check the College Online Calendar for changes and further information.
Use the Search Facility, on the pale blue bar, to search the calendar only, search on Fathers' Association.

So What Activities does the SKC Fathers' Association Run?

The activities run every year are varied and carefully selected to cater for all age groups across the College’s three campuses. Amongst the many activities, the highlights are:

  • Father/Male Mentor & Son Camps;
  • Father/Male Mentor & Son Development Programs;
  • Father/Male Mentor & Son Cooking Masterclass; and
  • Father/Male Mentor & Son Go-Karting day
  • Year 7 Mother & Son Night
  • Year 8 Father & Son Night
  • Year 10-11 Time & Space Program

    Every year there are several new activities added to the calendar ensuring there is plenty of new energy and interests to cater for the whole of the SKC community. Please check the calendar of activities below and make sure you start including them into your calendar for 2015!

    If you are interested to be involved and meet other Fathers/Guardians, or if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact any of the Association’s office bearers – details below.

    What Contributions does the SKC Fathers' Association Make?

    The Association contributes through either “man-power” or financial resources to several events, including:

    • Senior School Welcome to New Parents
    • The St Kevin’s Art Show
    • Teacher’s Awards
    • Glendalough Family Fun Day


      The Association also receives requests for funds across the following areas:

    • Educational Development
    • School Community and Social
    • Arts and Cultural
    • Boys and Parent Development
    • Sports and Outdoors
    • Special Events and Projects

    The Association has made recent one-off contributions to:

    • Scoreboard on the College Oval
    • Chapel and Performing Arts Centre
    • Waterford Gymnasium equipment
    • Waterford Library refurbishment
    • Marquee for outdoor sports
    • Smith Hall Refurbishment
    • Silver Creek BBQ and low ropes course
    • Wilding Centre pool timing equipment
    • Sponsorship for teacher drug education
    • Glendalough shelter shed and shade cloth area
    • Glendalough audio-visual equipment