Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents,

Next week, parents will receive an email from the College, with a request to complete a nationwide survey to assist Edmund Rice Education Australia understand why families choose to send their son/s to an Edmund Rice school (St Kevin’s, in our instance).

It is hoped that the confidential data collected from the survey will help this network of schools to further understand and support the needs of contemporary families and their children. The survey is being conducted by an external consultant on behalf of EREA, and information from the Australia-wide data, as well as individual school reports, will be provided to the College. I would encourage you to take the short amount of time to complete the survey to improve the quality of the data, and I thank you in advance for doing so. The survey will be open for two weeks.

Tuesday evening, Kate and I joined a large audience in Vaucluse Hall to enjoy Honk Jr!, the Years 7-9 Musical, performed in collaboration with Loreto Toorak, directed by Ms Gilchrist, alongside Mr Callendar as Musical Director. Domenic Morelli was stunning as Ugly and Sophie Noonan is a young singer and actor of significant talent, as demonstrated in her role as Ida. Andrew Collins as The Cat was suitably threatening and mischievous, and Finn Cross as Bullfrog, a crowd favourite. The whole production was simply marvellous! My thanks to our talented St Kevin’s staff who supported the Directors and students: Ms Squarci – choreography; Ms Glenister; Ms McCarthy; Ms Gilchrist; Ms Derums; Ms Lee; Ms Doyle; Ms Hill; Mr Gardam; Mr Parris and Ms McDonald.

Assemblies at Heyington and Waterford this week had as one key theme – Reconciliation Week. The two significant historical events which ‘bookend’ this important week need to be understood by all. The week begins on the date of the successful referendum, 27 May 1967, which altered the Australian Constitution to properly include Australia’s first peoples in the census. With a Yes vote of over 90%, it was a good day for our nation. The week ends commemorating the 3 June 1992 Mabo decision, which shattered the myth of ‘terra nullius’ and recognised the emphatic evidence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island agricultural, fishing and cultivation practices across our lands for more than forty thousand years. Our prayers, the flags flown at campuses and our main oval, testify to our pledge of reconciliation in the St Kevin’s community. At Waterford, I was privileged to listen to Trevor Wagilak playing his didgeridoo with great confidence.

At both Heyington and Waterford Assemblies, I also spoke of my great pride in SKC and the actions of men past and present, who have done so much to establish this College’s enviable reputation. I spoke of the difficult tasks I undertake as the final arbiter of which lads join us in years to come, as the enrolment offers go out across Melbourne. Emphasis was placed on the need for boys at St Kevin’s today to value their place and, by their actions, demonstrate that they support the ethos, philosophy, practices and faith that underpins our College.

It was clarified that as a student you are an SKC boy not only at school, sport, camp, excursion and while travelling to and from school, but also on tour, out socially, at the shops or in an online environment. Each year, I make a clear statement which behaviours would bring a student’s enrolment into question. The misbehaviours are: regularly stopping others from learning; behaviour contrary to our values; illegal acts; violence. Boys do value their place at the College and the support of families to maintain our values of learning, family and fullness of life is appreciated and so important. We are a fine school in the Catholic tradition which attempts to base our community on the EREA ‘Touchstones’. Long may it be so!

Excellence Awards:

Jonah Mercieca 2018 Australian Age Diving Championships
Australian Diver of the Year 11 years and under, 1st place 1 metre, 1st place 3 metre, 3rd place platform.

Ryan King 2018 Australian Age Diving Championships
Australian Diver of the Year 14/15 years, 3rd place 1 metre, 2nd place 3 metre, 3rd place platform

Joshua Herington 2018 Australian Age Diving Championships
1st place 3 metre 14/15 years

Addison Aylmer 2018 Australian Age Diving Championships
Runner Up, Australian Diver of the Year 14/15 years, 1st place 1 metre

Headmaster's Study Awards:

Year 12 Literature Simon Cosgrave
Joseph Moore
Hamish Serpell
Zachariah Sheridan
Anton Surace-Mifsud
Joseph Yugumbari

Year 11 Aviation

Harry Liptak

Andres Bartlett
Cyrus Raki

Year 10 21st Century Chemistry

William Lennon

Samuel Kerr
Justin Mitchell

Year 9  International Studies

Health & Human Movement
Thomas Bartl

Ryan King
Adam McGarry

Year 8 English Christopher Bowker
Jaemin Park

Kind regards,

Stephen Russell