Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents,

Celebrating the Eucharist, on three remarkable occasions, in three inspiring locations, was a major part of my Easter break. On Easter Sunday, with our student tour party, I was at Mass in Westminster Cathedral. Days later, in the village of Glendalough, in the parish church of St Kevin, we gathered again for Mass prior to our climb to Wicklow Pass and our guided pilgrimage into the valley of the two lakes. Finally, we were community in sacramental unity and celebration at Waterford. There was much else that was part of the trip; Westcourt – Edmund’s birth place and the joy of the Old Collegians gathering in London, all of which we will talk of as the year progresses.

Much preparation for winter sports occurred across the break with senior teams training and playing practice matches. My sincere thanks to all involved in this important preseason work. On Heyington Assembly, Mr McGirr led us in a full campus Easter Liturgy prior to my bringing into focus the importance of this term academically. We have academic progress interviews for all secondary students in the coming weeks. It is our custom that, ideally, boys attend in College uniform with their parents, ensuring accurate information transfer and the perfect grounds for opening conversations on the way home! This term will also feature end of Semester Examinations for all Years 7 - 12.

Last evening, the College hosted our principal sports celebration for 2018, the Teams of the Century Dinner at the Glasshouse. The event followed the St Patrick’s Ballarat Sporting Exchange, across our six winter sports. Football, Basketball, Rugby and Hockey saw SKC wins, Soccer drew and SPC Ballarat bettered us in the Cross Country. We chose to hold the dinner on the date of the SPC exchange, as our first sporting fixture was a game of football played against St Patrick’s in 1918.

The dinner was a wonderful celebration of what is good in sport: fitness, friendship, development of character and community building. Our MC, Michael Zappone (SKC 92), interviewed men across the years, and we watched tremendous footage of St Kevin’s sport across our one hundred years. 

The presentation of the Teams of the Century fascinated the full venue and I look forward to the team photographs taken last night. The brochure naming the teams is on our website. My thanks to all the key organisers and workers on the night, Mr Travers, Mrs Ryan and Mrs Brewis.

I look forward to sharing stories of the Pilgrimage and Dinner as I chat with folk on the sidelines during winter sport.

Kind regards,

Stephen Russell