Headmaster's Weekly Address


Wednesday evening last, we enjoyed the first in a series of the Centenary Albert Street Lectures. Prominent Australians have been invited to address the issue, ‘What will the landscape in the Australia of 2038 look like in your vocation?’ The lectures bear the title Albert Street, to link them to our first address as a College, in East Melbourne.

Our first guest was Archbishop Mark Coleridge (SKC 1965). In an erudite, forthright, scholarly, yet accessible lecture, Archbishop Coleridge reflected on our past – the College and the Church – confronted our challenges and errors, and looked to a new model of church which he saw emerging from the Royal Commission, changing community values and expectations. He saw a Church that is ‘smaller, more humble, poorer, less powerful, less hierarchical and more diverse, especially ethnically. It would also be a less referential Church, by which I mean more missionary, quicker to listen than to speak, looking outward rather than inward, looking more to Jesus Christ and the world, than to ourselves. Parishes will still be there in one form or another; but it’s likely that they will be missionary bases rather than consumerist centres, not so much retailers where you come each week to stock up on provisions that you yourself consume, but wholesalers where you come each week to stock up on provisions which you will pass on to others. All this implies a kind of Copernican shift but that doesn’t trouble me because it will be the work of the Holy Spirit.’

Our guest mixed generously with the audience prior to the lecture and well after the formal Q and A session. It was an excellent start to the Albert Street series.

From Preparatory to Year 12, the pool was the focus of House Competition. Four separate events were run: Years 7 and 8; Year 9, Years 10 – 12 and Glendalough. My thanks to Mr Travers and Mr Hayes for their oversight and the many staff who contributed in large and small ways to the success of these carnivals. McCarthy triumphed when all Years 7 – 12 results were compiled, while Ullathorne was the winning House at Glendalough.

The Year 10 and Year 11 Outdoor Education Camps rapidly approach. I am so grateful to the many staff who have committed to attending camp alongside the boys and to our Outdoor Education Department, led by Mr Howard for all the preparation that has already taken place. The camps are leaving on Sunday afternoon, allowing Choristers to sing at the Cathedral and time for others to attend Mass on Sunday morning. Boys are returning Thursday afternoon and early evening, which will also allow those families wishing to participate in Parish Holy Thursday ceremonies to do so.

On 1 March, the first College Board meeting was held. Prior to the evening, Finance, Governance and Property committees had met separately, and the Chairs of these groups prepared their reports for the Board. We regularly receive a report from the Foundation and I have the responsibility to prepare a report for each Board meeting. Our governors in both a legal and a canonical sense are Edmund Rice Education Australia. Our Board is advisory and operates within The Design for EREA Boards and delegated authority and responsibilities. I rely heavily on the quality of professional advice, wisdom, financial and community of our Board. Listed below for your interest are our current Board Members and staff who attend our Board meetings. The College and Stephen Russell owe a great deal of thanks for their time, support and guidance.


St Kevin’s College Board:


Mr Peter Leahy

Michael 2012

Mrs Jolanta Baldasso

Mark 2008, Richard 2010, Daniel 2013

Mrs Kate Clark

Lachlan 2015

Mr Michael Doble (1979)

Will 2012, Sam 2014

Mr Stephen Ellich

Brendan Year 11, Jarrod Year 9

Mr John Lincoln

Thomas 2013, William Year 11

Mr Craig Meade

Jordan 2013

Mr Paul O’Malley

James 2013, Timothy Year 12, Daniel Year 9

Ms Denise Woolerton

Jamie Year 10

Mr Stephen Russell

James 2005

Ms Janet Canny

Deputy Head (ex officio)

Mr Ross Corstorphin

Bursar (ex officio)

Finance Committee:


Mr Craig Meade

Mr Julian Battistella

Taylor 2017, Gilbert 2017, 

Jesse Year 10, Oliver Year 2

Mr Michael Doble

Ms Clare Power

Patrick Year 5, Hamish Year 4, Samuel Year 1

Mr Paul Shanley

Thomas 2016, Xavier Year 1`

Mr Stephen Russell

Mr Ross Corstorphin

Mr Josh Gunaratnam

Finance Manager

Governance Committee:


Mrs Kate Clark

Mr Stephen Ellich

Ms Denise Woolerton

Ms Janet Canny

Mr James Daly

Director of Glendalough

Mr Ross Corstorphin

Ms Tammy D’Souza

Risk & Compliance Manager

Property Committee:


Mr John Lincoln

Mr Anthony Caliguiri (1990)

Michele Year 2

Mr Shane Dalton

Drew 2000, Glyn 2005

Mr Dominic Pagliaro

Andrew Year 11

Mr Nick Sier (1996)

Mr Denis Stephenson

Matthew 1989

Mr David Thomas (1995)

Mr Michael Wilkinson

Christopher 2000, Edward 2003, Thomas 2005

Mr Stephen Russell

Mr Ross Corstorphin

Mr Anthony Johnson

Facilities & Operations Manager    Christopher Year 12

Kind regards,

Stephen Russell