Headmaster's Weekly Address

Cheryl O’Dwyer, who ran the Canteen at Waterford for the last 15 years, passed away last Friday
Please keep Cheryl and her family in your prayers

We so often speak of SKC community. What is it at its heart? People committed to St Kevin’s and our values. People committed to each other’s wellbeing. People who know that the other must be considered, not simply self-interest. People who know St Kevin’s has a responsibility to share its good fortune, and our abilities and influence for good, well beyond our gates.

Each time we gather together sections of our community, our ability to care for our own and others increases. It was joyous to spend time last Friday at the Mothers’ Associations lunch and to speak with so many of our community past and present. In my few words, with so many Glendalough mums present, I could not help but sing the praises of our Junior school students and their performances in Peter Pan. Others have written in detail of the talent of the lead characters and I remain in awe of the talent of our leads. I also revelled in the dance and song of the homeroom groups who so clearly enjoyed themselves and benefitted from the experience. Hearty congratulations to all our Glendalough staff, in particular Mr Campbell as Director and Ms Friend as Musical Director/Production Manager.

Across Monday and Tuesday of this week, we enjoyed the company and professional interaction with the EREA Council, Board and Executive. Along with six Year 10 students, I attended the launch of the reimagined EREA Charter at CBC St Kilda. The Council and Board then came to SKC, where meetings were held, Mass celebrated, a dinner shared and many of us able to say something about our school with the visitors across both days. Perhaps the most impressive of the St Kevin’s presenters were our four senior boys: Captain, Matthew Lynch; Deputy Captains, Andre Coten, Dante DiPaolo and Patrick Gigacz, who spoke eloquently and succinctly on leadership, social justice, learning and co-curricular involvement available to them and their personal story. I was very proud of our boys’ maturity, insight and oratory.

That same evening, our Ministry Team convened a very successful Parent Enrichment Evening with Dr Kate Heathershaw. The Tout was full! In the Smith Building, Year 8 debating was on, and across at Boyd Egan Hall, the Class of 2012 enjoyed their five year reunion.

Tuesday saw us partially defeated by the weather. The Glendalough Athletics was all set to go. Tents were up, tracks marked and boys across at Heyington, but the rain came down! Secondary boys and staff commenced their carnival at Box Hill Athletics Track. We managed a good section of the program before deciding conditions were no longer suitable. My commendation to all the staff and boys for their resilience, goodwill and good humour. To the Dean and Assistant Dean of Sport and their office, thank you for all the organisation prior to the day, the deftly arranged flexibility of events on Tuesday and final acceptance of the short day.

We steam ahead on full throttle as the SKC train heads to the holiday station.

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Understand that true conversion of the heart best occurs within a community that reflects authentically in all its structures and lives the full richness of the Gospel call to justice and peace.
(from the Mission Statement)

(from the Mission Statement)