Headmaster's Weekly Address


Dear Parents

Last Saturday was a busy, informative, community-centred, full day at Heyington. Our day began with our modified secondary Open Morning. Set down to run from 10.00am – 12noon, we welcomed the first enthusiastic families some thirty minutes early and so began a continuous cavalcade until well after midday. Senior staff along with Prefects and Officers, took tours, answered questions and explained our ethos, operation and atmosphere. Interest in our school remains very high and I know it brings great disappointment when we are unable to accommodate all who wish to be part of this community.

On Monday’s Assembly, I emphasised that a place here comes with real responsibilities for a boy and his family. I directly addressed the difficult issue of which behaviours and actions could see a student forfeit his place at the College. Disrespect of people, traditions, learning and property in descending order could necessitate a serious conversation in my office. Breaches of criminal and civil law would also bring a student’s position into question. To respond to a specific question I have recently been asked, I must state that the bringing of illegal drugs onto campus, the distribution or sale of drugs, legal or illegal, would also result in forfeiture of one’s place.

To return to the second half of last Saturday is now my pleasant task. Our Board met and was then joined by twelve senior staff for a seminar which ran from 2.00pm – 6.00pm, examining elements of our handling of risk and compliance in Finance, IT, Outdoor Education and Excursions. I know I am at risk of ‘green, gold and blue’ coloured glasses, but I was so proud and professionally confident of the presentations made by our staff.

Many spouses joined us for Mass, celebrated by the Rector of Xavier College, Fr Chris Middleton SJ, followed by our annual Board Dinner.

This big Saturday came on the back of the Staff Reflection Day so well organised by the Ministry Team, supported by Mrs Ryan and Mrs Brewis among others. We have a great staff who know how to work hard, with confidence and precision and who do know that their hard work and generosity creates the infrastructure and culture that allows us to care for boys so well. I am also grateful that we have such a talented and generous Board.

Excellence Awards 

 State Finals of Tournament of Minds
Year 10         
                                   Andrew Pagliaro
Year 8

  Ned Dwyer
Kyle Reynolds
Noah Youssef
Year 7

  Thomas Brady
Patrick Duncan
Zachariah Martin

Headmaster's Study Awards 

Year 11 Physics Nicholas Grossi
Year 10        
Kelvin Ton
  Outstanding Award
University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition
Year 9


Nathan Daniel
Adam Mercuri
Samuel Roach

Co-curricular Appointments


Deputy Captain
Deputy Captain
Phillip Borg
Max Gray
Matthew Lynch

Deputy Captain
Marc Jencik
Luke Shannan

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Nurture boys to become strong in their inner selves, to be confident, resilient and optimistic about their future.
(from the Mission Statement)