Headmaster's Weekly Address


My father is a quiet fellow. Some may be surprised, given his son’s willingness to speak publically and perhaps too often, on a myriad of topics. Dad is the youngest son of thirteen children, born to Reginald and Kathleen Russell of Bondi. Frank Russell and one of his brothers had the chance to go to Waverley College, just up the road from their home, on what I understand to be a variation of what we might call today, an ‘Edmund Rice Bursary’. Dad left school at the end of Year 9 to enter the workforce.

Marriage to Marion Brown some five years on, saw my parents soon raising a boy and his four younger sisters. My parents are both intellectually capable and highly practical people but formal education to Year 12 and beyond, was not within their grasp. They certainly knew, however, that a good education would be an important start to give their children. All five of us were at Catholic schools concurrently, so five sets of school fees needed to be found. The quiet fellow I mentioned in line one, worked his 9 – 5 job, drove a taxi nights and weekends, and worked as a barman to give us chances he did not have growing up. My mum also found work. Amazingly, support of us in sporting teams, scouts and commitment to others in Parish life and St Vincent de Paul are clear memories I have of my dad. So, when I wish my dad, Happy Fathers’ Day this Sunday, I do so with deep gratitude, sincere admiration and love. I have modelled much of myself on the qualities I witnessed in the behaviours and relationships of the quiet boy from Bondi. Let us give thanks for all the good qualities of our fathers and pray for all fathers, past, present and future.

On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of attending The Drowsy Chaperone performed in the Ruby Tout. In collaboration with Loreto Toorak, directed by Mrs Katie Rose Smith of Loreto, the show was a great success. Luca Gambell was a real presence on stage as was Nicholas Reynolds. Many of us greatly admired the choreography, particularly our tap-dancing SKC lads! Eliza Wilson was vocally extraordinary in the female cast and the humour and timing of Katie Ellul as The Woman in the Chair, first rate.

Headmaster’s Study Awards

Year 9          

Outstanding Award
University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition
      Tunan Shi

Kind regards,

Stephen F Russell

Develop an awareness that the St Kevin’s College family forms part of the global Edmund Rice family.
(from the Mission Statement)