Headmaster's Weekly Address


There are many times I count myself privileged to be part of the St Kevin’s community. Most often, it is when I find myself surrounded by boys, parents and Old Collegians, behaving in a ‘matter-of-course manner’, and those behaviours demonstrate that they are people of conviction, not convenience.

Do some of you remember my comments earlier in the year that St Kevin’s people needed to be people of conviction? It meant SKC folk were convinced that our core value of our Faith, our Touchstones and our College traditions, guided our actions, informed our relationships and determined our policies and our culturally normative behaviours. I asked that anyone here for convenience – our location, our facilities, or our results – reconsider why their son was at St Kevin’s.

Recently, I have stood among many, or heard about many, who either inadvertently or perhaps deliberately, have shown their conviction about our core values. I met men gathered to celebrate the 1997 Australian Rules Football Premiership. They were good men, making their way in the world, in Melbourne, interstate and overseas, and, each with whom I spoke, willingly recognised the influence of this school on his life today. I listened to their stories of life and work and knew their relationships and behaviours were a celebration of learning, family and fullness of life.

On Saturday morning, Kate and I stood on a dew-laden boundary line at Caulfield Grammar and watched our 8A team, coached by Mr Segal. The boys played well, both in skills and sportsmanship, but my delight was in the conversations we were part of, or I simply listened to, that affirmed that strength of SKC as an ‘Inclusive Community’.

The Russells shared lunch last week with 250 St Kevin’s mothers. It was a wonderful chance for me to thank and affirm the important roles of women in our community and to publicly recognise the strength, wisdom, love, intelligence and resilience of the women in my private and professional life. Conversations at lunch affirmed for me, how large are the numbers who do ‘buy in’ to SKC and have strong convictions that our core business is the sustenance of the soul and development of boys’ character.

As part of a congregation of nearly 2,500, I participated in the celebration of the Eucharist on Edmund Rice Day, held on the courts in the Wilding Centre. The Mass was wonderful, our boys were respectful, involved and made me so proud to be their Headmaster. The activities that followed also expressed our sense of community: the Glendalough Mini Fair; Years 7 – 9 Walkathon; and, Tutor Group Outings.

That same day in the evening, the second meeting of our parent Justice and Spirituality Group met at Waterford. A large group came together, evidence, I believe, of a conviction that Justice and Solidarity is not simply lip-service at St Kevin’s.

My hope and prayer is that you each find yourself immersed in our community in such a way that it affirms your conviction that SKC is the school for your son.

Excellence Award   
Year 12 Maxwell Thomas  Second Place Interpretive Reading Event
World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships 
Headmaster’s Study Award   
Year 8  Science  Patrick Shaw 
  Japanese  Ryan King 
    Joseph Romero 
    Angus Truong 
Year 11  Aviation  Nicholas Grossi 
    William Hogan 
    Ewan Lyon 
    Nicholas Nodin 
    Bowen Perceval 
Year 11  English Samuel Ellul 
    Lachlan Farrugia 
    Dominic Holden 
    Jesse Masson Moyle 
    James Robertson 
    Adrian Viglietti 
    Vikash Yogaraj 
Co-Curricular Appointments 
Soccer  Captain  Paul Koutsakis 
Football  Deputy Captain  Lachlan Fogarty 

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell

St Kevin's College will value diversity and friendship within the community
(from the Mission Statement)