Headmaster's Weekly Address


R.I.P. Christopher John STRAFORD

St Kevin’s College expresses our deepest sympathy on the sad passing of our colleague and friend, Chris, to his wife, Anna and their children, Alice, Lucy, Patrick and David. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Chris was a man of deep faith, which influenced every aspect of his professional and personal life. As an Assistant Dean of Faith & Mission, he led so many students, by his constant example, to an awareness of Christ in the people they met day by day. His strong theological knowledge was a source that provided spiritual refreshment to boys, staff and parents. Be it away at camp, on retreat, in class, cycling or as a dynamic tennis coach, boys listened and learned from this wonderful man. 

His influence and legacy will continue in the lives of the St Kevin’s boys who came under his care between 2008 – 2016.


Dear Parents

At times of sadness and mourning, it is sunshine piercing a dark sky, when a community comes together and honours one of its own, and, supports their family and friends. Our community, boys, Old Collegians, staff and parents have been those necessary beams of light as we have mourned Mr Chris Straford. I know his wife, children and family were so grateful for all the support, practical and prayerful, that has been extended to the Straford family. On Heyington Assembly, I spoke of Chris, the quintessence of a good man. I suggested that he was a model that boys and staff should emulate as we strive to make 2017 a great year for SKC.

All the preparation feels worthwhile once a school is full of pupils. It was wonderful to welcome back the boys last week and to see the school surge into full action. Some 318 lads commenced at St Kevin’s in 2017. I have spoilt myself and walked corridors across Glendalough, Waterford and Heyington, popping into a few classes. It is clearly apparent that academic work is underway in earnest.

Friday evening, many new parents gathered in Smith Hall. My hope is that the seeds for long friendships were planted. Staff present - the College Leadership Team, Deans and Year 7 Year Level Co-ordinators – enjoyed answering questions of significance and mere minutiae. It was remarkable how many links were established. I met old boys, families from all across Melbourne and folk who had been schooled where Kate’s and my family were in Sydney. The night was a celebration of the diverse community that is SKC.

Parent Information Nights are in full swing, and Waterford, Cusack, Kearney and Kenny will have been completed by the time you read this Newsletter. The staff are heartened and enthused by the great numbers attending, as it is such a clear and strong statement of parental support for their sons, and the College.

I look forward to meeting you at College events or on my Saturday sporting rounds in the weeks ahead.

Kind regards

Stephen F Russell


 2017 Student Leadership
 College Captain Matthew Lynch

 College Deputy Captains Andre Coten

  Dante Di Paolo

  Patrick Gigacz

 Captain of Cusack Gilbert Battistella

 Captain of Kearney Hugo Stephenson

 Captain of Kenny Dominik Jamriska

 Captain of McCarthy William Harris

 Captain of Purton Lachlan McKay

 Captain of Rahill Aidan Trinh

 Phillip Borg    
 Patrick Daly    
 Timothy Graham    
 Owen Mahoney    
 Samuel McCabe    
 Jarrod Nolan    
 Angus Tighe    
 Benjamin Toohey    
Alexandras Bartaska Samuel Grindon-Ekins 
Jack Bell Seamus Heanue
Nicholas Boal Harry Hingston

James Briggs Lachlan Jordan
Benjamin Byrnes Paul Koutsakis
Marcus Castellana Thomas Lloyde

Samuel Collins Sam Milne

Harry Davies Liam O'Meara

Liam Devine Damien Riska

Samuel Ellul Harry Stratford

Thomas Emerson Thomas Sudano

Hugh Gastin Maxwell Thomas

Aaron George Jackson Ward

Max Gray Devan Workman
David Grech Ethan Yuen

 2017 Co-curricular Appointments:
Badminton Captain Alan Zhang
  Deputy Captain Sam Wilson
Cricket Captain Blake Parsons
  Deputy Captain Thomas Sudano
Cycling Captain Henry Yates
Debating Captain Maxwell Thomas
  Deputy Captain Debating Patrick Gigacz
  Deputy Captain Public Speaking Samuel Collins
Diving Captain Jordan Thein
Drama  Captain Alex Bartaska
  Deputy Captain Damian Russo
Futsal Captain Dominik Jamriska
Golf Captain Charles Falconer
Gymnastics Captain Kyle Howden
Lawn Bowls Captain Harrison Dawe
Martial Arts Captain Benjamin Simkiss
Music Captain Ethan Yuen
  Deputy Captain James Du
  Deputy Captain Hayden Ross
Rowing Captain of Boats Stefan Zupan
St Vincent de Paul President Harry Stratford
  Secretary Owen Mahoney
Squash Captain Tom Pollock
  Deputy Captain Harry Williams
Swimming Captain David Schlicht
Table Tennis Captain Gilbert Battistella
Tennis Captain Kyle Didone
  Deputy Captain Todd Millington
Touch Football Captain Angus Edwards
Volleyball Captain Liam Devine


St Kevin's College will ensure that learning be recognised as a means of empowerment and liberation in our world within a Gospel context.
(from the Mission Statement)